What's your primary gaming device?

  • PlayStation 4 (or Slim)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Xbox One (or S)
  • Xbox One X
  • Switch
  • PC
  • Android or iOS
  • Other (comment below)

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I just realized that I never have seen a poll of this type on this forum, so I thought I’d take the temperature of my fellow Waypointers. So brass tacks, what device do you primarily play games on and why?


Right now there is a PS2, PS3 and PS4 Pro hooked up to my TV, with obviously the PS4 Pro being the main machine.

My PC is a 5 year old laptop that I bought with the intention of replacing in 2 months but the gig I bought it for fell through then the new generation of video cards came out. I should finally be replacing it this year (been saying that for 3 years).

Also it’s weird that mobile isn’t in the poll. I’d bet most people have at least one game they play on mobile daily.


PC, currently. Still have a PS3 and N64 hooked up to my tv, and a DS and GBA in the house.

Trying to budget out a PS4 (slim) this fall, looking towards picking up a Switch next year.


Though it changes from time to time - I might knock down several Switch / PS4 games in a row, etc - most of my gaming happens on PC, especially now that I have a laptop. The biggest selling points for me are modding and Cheat Engine (and of course the graphics don’t hurt). In both cases these extend the life of the game for me by allowing me to expand possibilities. And, in the case of Cheat Engine, if the developer made a decision that I find frustrating then I can just work around it.


I am fortunate enough to own every current platform, and like @mundanesoul I tend to jump around depending on the games I play. But overall I definitely play my Xbox One X the most. While part of it is because of how good it makes my games look, I also really like Microsoft’s Netflix-like Gamepass, the controller, and how the UI is set-up.

I had it listed as “Android or iOS”, or is there a mobile platform I should include as well?


PC, but will always have an action adventure AAA game on the go on my PS4. After spending the whole day at a desk, I kind of prefer to sit on the sofa in the evening instead, do some open world questing and stick a podcast on.


PC way out in the lead, Switch second. I don’t have an xbox or a PS4.


I have a really long commute by train and a toddler at home, so its mostly Switch in handheld mode.


I’ve got a PC, a PS4, and a Switch. I guess I have 360 and a PS3 too but the PS3 is just for watching movies or TV and the 360 isn’t even hooked up. I haven’t played the switch in a couple of months :-\

I got my PS4 pro in april and it is the first PS4 I’ve owned so I’m not exactly an early adopter. At least I’ve got a good back catalog.


I’ve always had an Xbox as a primary platform since my Dad at one point worked for Microsoft, and got us an OG Xbox for Christmas. Then I played Halo CE, and then it was like, well, I guess I’m gonna need to be on Xbox so I can get my Halo fix. But I also have really liked all the moves Microsoft has made this generation (I even liked Quantum Break, fight me), and all the other things you mentioned.

Also, I would post an obligatory “There are dozens of us!” Arrested Development meme, but I don’t think there are even that many of us here that primarily game on Xbox.


My primary gaming device right now is the Switch, since I can play it while my wife watches TV, during breaks at work, or while I travel. Plus, I have a young child at home, and the Switch is easy to pick up and play for quick sessions whenever I get a free moment at home. That being said, if I was given a couple hours of free time to use any of my devices uninterrupted, I would probably end up choosing my PC or Ps4 pro


I suppose it’s the Switch, but it’s pretty close between that and PC, where I own the most games that I actually want to play. The reason the Switch gets the edge right now is that my son has been completely hooked on Lego Worlds (I have it on PC) for over a month, now, so I don’t really get the TV anymore when he’s awake. And when he’s not awake, that’s generally time to watch shows and movies with my partner, not play video games.

All other things being equal, if you asked me what platform I’d want to have a new game on, it’d be the Switch because of the versatility, but I’m significantly more likely to end up getting a multiplatform game for the PC because the prices are so much better.


tbh I’d probably play the swtich way more if I could play it in mobile mode without it putting my hand to sleep, which it does every time. pro controller is fine tho.


Are you me? The long commute and kids at home have made the Switch a complete life changer for me. It’s basically given me a lot of gaming back as a hobby.


Xbox One, probably getting an X in the fall, or finishing my pc, idk

I also own a PS4 and Switch as well, so ultimately, I go back and forth a lot


The majority of my gaming time is on my Xbox One S, definitely. I really, really like the One S a lot, and am now a Game Pass subscriber and am starting to explore that. I like having one box that lets me play new stuff, old stuff (for my never-ending Mass Effect trilogy/Dragon Age 1/2 runs), and watch Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/etc. all from one place. It literally powers all our TV activity 95% of the time.

Otherwise, I have my Switch, which I love but don’t always use as the “primary” just because of the sheer volume of lengthy stuff I have on the Xbox. I also do some gaming on my Mac Pro via Bootcamp (it’s a 2010 model with an 8GB RX 470 installed), though I find myself preferring to play big narrative-focused stuff like RPGs on the Xbox because I can kick it on the couch instead of at my desk. I prefer stuff like Cities: Skylines on the computer, though.


Just to add some detail: PC, or Moonlight on my iPad (or Steam Link on my tv) to play games that are on my PC. If the Switch had a Steam Link App I’d buy it yesterday.


I will not stand for this 3DS erasure!

Just kidding, but for me it’s probably between my PC and Switch. I also have a 3DS and PS4 (and a MacBook with Bootcamp I still use occasionally for laptop games), but the 3DS gets dusted off maybe once or twice a month and the PS4 gets intermittent use for exclusives (its controller however gets a lot more use). And between the two, it’s probably the Switch, just because I grew up on handheld gaming and it’s such a comfort zone for me to be able to curl up in a ball with that screen and play whatever I want. But the PC gets a lot of use as well.

This is also a huge change from basically just a year ago, when my Bootcamped MacBook and 3DS were all I had. It feels funny to me how quickly my options ballooned from basically one place to play most games to two or three where I actually have to choose.


I play a surprising amount of games on my Mac, but I still consider my PS4 my main gaming rig. It’s basically the media center and whenever I sit down to play/watch something on it, I’m there with the mentality of enjoying a thing whereas it’s rare that I go through any sort of priming ritual on my Mac. When I play on it, 9/10 it’s because I’m goofing off when I should be working.


I’d consider my Xbox One my “primary” gaming console as I’ve hooked up the PS4 so that it plays through the OneGuide. Alongside that I’ll have my MacBook for my Paradox fixes, an OpenEmu emulator for all the old Pokemon titles and a 3DS for the newest ones. I love my devices, they keep me safe.