What's your primary gaming device?


I spend my work day looking at a computer screen, so it feels less like work to play on iPad.


I’ve always played on Playstations and that’s still true, PS4 is my main system, but it’s not the ideal place for indies. I have been using my Switch as my indie/ small game system and the playstation for games that I want to sit down and commit a night to. As an example I’m playing Hollow knight on switch and AC Origins on my PS4.


I used to primarily game on PC and still do for the occasional triple A release, but those would be like occasional spurts and then I’d get like 5 million indie games that would just sit in my steam library cause it became a chore to turn on the PC (Have a small room so would get really hot in there if I gamed for long periods at a time). That’s part of the reason I love the Switch so much now, all those indie games I can take like 5-20 minutes to play and not have to be in one place.


Right now it’s my Vita weirdly enough


Currently and historically its definitely PC, but my Switch has been extremely solid for me lately. The mobility is a huge deal for me!


That’s pretty much exactly how I use my systems, except with Xbox instead of Playstation. Switch is such a nice console for indies to just sit down with for an hour here and there.


I guess it depends on what we mean by gaming; like I do a lot of gaming adjacent stuff on my PC (writing, forums, podcasts, discord chats with online friends) on top of using it as my main multiplayer platform. But as far as pure hours put into actually playing games I probably have a bit more on my PS4 Pro.


I guess I missed it somehow, but I was looking for mobile and assumed it wasn’t included when I didn’t see Vita or 3DS listed either.


If I counted pure hours played, it’s probably Android, but I don’t know if leaving clicker games open, running, and non-interacted with really counts.

For actual, interactive gameplay, it’s a PS4 Pro. I made the upgrade when it came out thinking that I would follow that up shortly with a 4K HDR TV, but for a variety of reasons that hasn’t happened yet. Still, the Pro has taught me one thing: all my life I insisted that I didn’t care about framerate. But now every time a game gives me a choice, like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Horizon, I tell myself I’m going to play on the “More details” option but inevitably end up switching it to the higher frame rate. It’s just… better.


Mac (what i can run on mine)

if it were in my budget, i’d probably spring for a Switch, since its kinda a nice in between of the two. and also has games coming out for it in the future, as opposed to the 3DS, which i got on a bit board late with.


I have a relatively low end PC that still runs things pretty well, so thats what I do must of my gaming on. I don’t really keep suuuper current on the huge big budget stuff, though.

I also have a Switch which is basically just a Splatoon machine, and it’s useful when people are over for Mario Kart shenanigans.


I mostly play on PC because I cannot resist shiny high framerate graphics and its where most of my games are, but I’d been using my PC with my living room TV as a monitor and I just moved into a new place where the optimal living room setup has the TV too far from the couch for that to be comfortable anymore. So now I have to buy a monitor so I can use my PC properly at a desk like a normal person. Previously I had the keyboard+mouse on a plank that I sanded down to have nice smooth edges, and while this works way better than you would think it obviously is not as good as a real desk.

I’ve been using the Switch and PS4 a lot more because of this new setup rendering my PC temporarily unusable. The switch was my secondary before (though I only have 3 games since I’ve only had it since February) and the PS4 was exclusively used to play Bloodborne. It is now used to play Bloodborne, Gravity Rush, and Trackmania Turbo! The portability of the switch has me thinking I’d rather play any interesting 2D indie game on it instead of PC because I can do it in BED and that is a wild advantage over every other game system. I am extremely excited to get my PC up and running again though, and I think It’ll always be my primary place to game.


I only have my PS4 in Canada, don’t care much for the Xbox One my husband owns, and have a Switch but don’t have enough games for it. Meanwhile, PC games and their affordability is literally what got me into video games in the first place.


My main platforms are the PS4 and my Computer but as I as preparing to leave for college and have to unfortunately leave my PS4 with my brother, I have been meaning to invest in a Xbox controller and a switch so that I can have the PC/Switch combo.


Typically PC, right now Vita.


I use the PC quite a bit, but the Switch has been more and more a part of my gaming “routine” (or however you’d phrase it). While the portability is a big factor in this, it’s actually more because some of my favorite games of the past few years are on the system. it has BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario Kingdom Battle, etc. I’ve fallen out of practice of using my PS4, but am looking forward to releases like Red Dead and Ghosts of Tsushima to pull me back in.


It’s been primarily PC for many years, but as more games come out for the Switch that’s changing. I like being able to sit on the couch and play next to my partner while she watches TV instead of isolating myself in the other room at my desk.


My PS4 is my primary entertainment device now. It has my Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO on it. It ends up being my main gaming device because it’s convenient to flip between whatever nonsense I’m watching back to whatever game I have. (It also helps that the DualShock 4 is my favorite gaming controller.)

My PC really is just for chatting online and writing now. I need to upgrade it for more modern games since I built it very cheaply. And my Switch is brand new but that’s probably going to be a supplemental device.


RN I’m playing stuff mostly on PS and PS2 emulators, so, “other.” I got my PC for $300 in 2013 and its no longer up to snuff for most modern games, and I don’t have internet access at my house. So it’s emulators for me.


In my heart it’s PC but my current lifestyle makes it the Switch.