What's your storage stich?

  • 2+ TB: Gotta keep my game library local baby!
  • 1-2 TB: Local is important, but I’m ok downloading and deleting games.
  • <1 TB: Living that hot swap life and running my data usage up!
  • <500 GB: I have a Switch you insensitive clod!
  • N/A: Physical media all the way!

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1 TB SSD for OS and games. Total Warhammer 2 Mortal Empires loads so much faster now

1 TB SSD For music and pictures

1.5 TB SSD external backup drive


I have 1 1/4 TB of space in my tower (256 GB SSD that I boot from, 1 TB HDD for storage) and a 2TB external drive for backups from my desktop and laptop.

It’s not ideal, but my budget for upgrading my PC has been pretty thin these last few years. I’m probably going to grab some more internal storage for my desktop when money is a little less thin.


That storage stich is starting to look pretty tasty. Been some bad days through the DRAM shortages but performance continues to head for the skies (of “this is limited by code design not raw throughput to load all this stuff into RAM/VRAM”) while prices are coming back down to Earth.


On my desktop, I have a 256GB SSD for OS and Applications. I have a 2TB drive dedicated to games. Then I have a 4TB WD Red for storage and backups. I also have a NAS drive where I move things I wanna keep longer.


I have a 2TB hard drive with nothing but Formula 1 races on it, it’s like 60% full.


I only game on the Xbox One X and the Switch (my PC is a Mac Pro with a bunch of giant drives crammed into it for photo/video/music editing), and my setup on the Xbox is a 500 GB external SSD for the “big” and primary things I’m playing at the moment - right now, it’s got AC Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4, Fallout 4, and maybe something else on it - and an external 4 TB 7200rpm hard drive for everything else. (Basically nothing on the internal drive.)

The Switch has a 128 GB card in it.


My new roommate and I realized that between us we had enough random hardware to essentially make a Frankensteins monster like multi layer network to play around with.

So we now have a freebsd box acting as a NAS with about 4tb for whatever.

It turns out Retroarch plays very nicely with NAS setups which means essentially any device that enters the network and mounts the drives and has Retroarch installed can access a very hefty amount of legally ripped PS/PS2 games.


I have a nearly 1 TB drive and another 1 TB USB drive. Granted, this is less for games (though that takes up a good bit of space) but more the ridiculous amount of files I have saved - particularly videos I’ve made and footage I keep until I’ve published a video proper.


500GB+240GB solid state for OS and software that benefits most from the speed.
2TB+3TB spinning platter for miscellaneous nonsense (including games I offload from the SSDs).

1184.7GB remaining! Probably due for a cleanse.


I have a 4tb. All regular hdds. I hope ssds become cheap enough to have a multi tb storage without breaking the bank.


i have a laptop with 237 GB storage (8 GB remaining oh no), and my main gaming consoles are a switch and a 3DS, neither of which are known for their high storage capacities. it’s, uh, bad i guess? i tend to prefer having physical copies of games for this reason.

if i want to play AAA games i can pretty much only play them on the shared family consoles and even then it’s still mostly physical copies to save space. i didn’t actually know it was common to have as much storage as a lot of the people in this thread do, it’s pretty interesting. how much does this stuff cost?

i’ve never seen a terabyte in my life. what’s it like having one of those


You install every game you own but still only play XCOM and Fortnite


I installed and patched up Gears 4 (140GB), Quantum Break (180GB), and Forza 7 (100GB) so that terabyte life is starting to sound like where some PC gaming is at.




My laptop has a 128gb SSD but it’s not fit for games so there is plenty of room left. Especially since I switched from Windows 10 that somehow took up like 50gb or something.

My PS4 with 500gb is basically always full and I have to juggle installs.


50GB on SSD and 1.5 terabytes on external drive but not actually cuz the cord stopped working AGAIN. Who wants to buy me a new computer.


C:\ is a 1TB SanDisk Ultra SSD (OS, programs)
D:\ is a 1TB WD Black drive (Backups, photos)
E:\ is a 3TB WD Black drive (Games)
F:\ is a 1TB WD Black drive (Music)
H:\ is 2x 512GB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs in Raid 0 (VMs, games)

I should probably retire the WD Black drives are replace them with a new 3TB drive, just because they’re quite old at this point (around 8 years). Otherwise, not hurting too badly for storage, would always be nice to have more, though. I do often think about just grabbing a 6TB or 8TB drive when I see them on sale.


128GB Samsung 840 Pro, heavily over-provisioned, mostly full with Windows
500GB Western Digital 7200RPM, mostly full of games, must be 10 years old now
2TB Seagate 7200rpm, almost half-full of games, bought along with the 840 Pro in late 2014
1.5TB Seagate External Drive (USB 2.0), ~2/3rds full: some old backups, some ISOs, some anime. Has a few installed games on it that don’t seem to care about proper registry entries (Mass Effect 1, CoD4, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space); I’ve copied them back over to my main drives a few times over the years, but I’ve run them right off the USB drive in a pinch.

I’d love to go full SSD, but the price of a few TB is still too rich for my blood.

Finally, a question: does anyone here run an M.2 PCIe drive on a Z97 board, or any other platform that only has a 2x M.2 slot instead of the now-common 4x?, and—if so—do you notice the speed over a fast SATA SSD?


It’s uh, kind of a mess right now:

240GB SSD - From when I originally built my computer. For games and Windows. Always full.
1TB HDD - Also from the original build. Was intended for general storage but doesn’t get much use these days.
2TB external drive - A remnant from my days of using laptops, pre-2016. My music and personal files live here. I badly need to back this up. About half full.
512GB SSD - I got this on sale last year and it’s turned into my main use drive for games.

At some point soon I want to get rid of the HDD (I barely use it) and swap in a 1TB SSD, since those are much more reasonably priced than they were a few years ago. I’d love to upgrade to an NVMe drive, but I’d need to upgrade my motherboard, too, and I don’t know if I have that in me right now. Probably the next upgrade on my list now that I have a new graphics card on the way, but I’m in no rush.

Oh, and I got a 2TB external drive for my PS4 because I was sick to death of fighting with the internal drive, and the Switch has a 200GB card that I can’t see myself ever filling up.