When Did You First Realize You Were A Gamer?

My first gamer moment was when I was about 18 years old. My father was driving me home from work and we had stopped at a Sheetz to get gas. I was very hungry, but I didn’t have any money to afford Sheetz’s signature $6 undercooked hamburger with suspicious lettuce. I knew my hunger wouldn’t abate and I had to eat something or my anxiety - which was already very high from my bad day at work - would get worse. This is when I remembered my favorite video game of all time, The Metal Gear Solid 3: The Snake Eater by Hideo Kojima. When Naked Snake (Big Dude in the other games) got hungry, he didn’t just wait it out and get anxious, he ate what was presented in front of him. I remembered the lyrics to that one song that played at the beginning of the game “sometimes you feed on a treefrog” or something like that idk. It was then, I knew what I had to do. I had to find and devour a treefrog. So, I quickly absconded from my father’s car and escaped into the wilderness to search for a treefrog that would perhaps let me eat him. Long story short, I got lost and nearly died from exposure. But that was definitely what I would call a “gamer moment”, imo. I was so lost in the metaphorical sauce of gaming that for the first time in my life I truly knew what it meant to be a gamer, completely lost to one’s base inhibitions and only driven by extreme confusion. It was a nice experience.

Pls share your stories


Oh thats cool, being so immersed with your senses in the game that its like communicating and guiding your actions, thats certainly a very gamer thing.

I don’t have much to say myself I’m afraid. It was when I was between 2 or 3 years old, holding my first joystick playing Lazy Jones while my father was around. Holding something as alien as a Commodore 64 Joystick was sure a sensation for me.

It was a “Hold my Pacifier, I’m born for this!” sort of thing. It took me over a year to actually finish the game but still it was the first real game I remember vividly. I still remember than interacting with the simulation, tons of freedom of choice and silly things you can do. For a really young kid it was like heaven.

When I had to go to a friend’s birthday party one day and on my calendar wrote her name down, “Kara.” Then forgot and on that day got on my Warcraft vent and waited to raid with everyone, hours later realizing my calendar did not mean we were raiding Karazahn. I did still make it to the party on time.

I don’t know if there’s a moment I became a “gamer”, but I remember loving MegaMan so much as a kid that when I went to bed I’d just close my eyes and try to play through levels of it in my imagination. I’d also draw out huge sidescrolling levels on connected sheets of paper, draw my own enemies, come up with stories for the games, all that stuff.

I would actually credit Mega Man (and Calvin & Hobbes) for my becoming an artist.

Earliest memories were at my big sisters birthday pizza party at Straw Hat. I’m four and begging 10 year olds to hold me up to play Asteroids, and wishing there was a way to see through the scope on Battlezone.

A strange voice spoke to me from the void: “Double Kill” it said assertively, knowingly. It spoke to me, and only me. My hands steadied as I gripped the controller. All doubt vanished. I knew who I was, I knew why I was here