When is Half-Life 3 coming out?


VR exclusive? DOTA loot box? It could take any form.


I was really hoping that Valve had some crazy HL3 VR thing cooked up for the release of the Vive. Make it a pack in with every headset. I would have had to dump all my savings from my wedding into videogames because of a move like that, so ultimately maybe a good thing it didn’t happen.


Every time this question is asked, it is delayed by another day. At this time of counting it is coming out September 27th, 2131.


I’m happy to announce that half life 3 is my butt and it’s coming out: tonight.


at this point Valve’s treatment of Half Life does feel kinda spiteful tbh

their games development cycle in general this decade has been, really


If it ever happens, it feels like it’ll be still quite a ways off. Valve is just in such a different place now compared to a decade ago.


It says shitpost, not asspost.


I think the best way to release Half Life 3 at this point would be inside Frog Fractions 2.


My best guess is March 3, 2033


going to laugh when hl3 is valve’s day z style survival game


It really did end at the worst possible point, two episodes into a three-part series, on an ultra-cliffhanger.

At this point I don’t know how you resolve that bit of story, since you lost all the moment you had leading into it. Would most players even remember how episode 2 ended? Or the bits of backstory that were hinting at changes between the rebels, the G-man and the combine?


At the rate Valve appears to be shedding notable staff, I’ve basically given up hope that Valve will ever release not only Half-Life 3, not only a singleplayer game, but maybe any game at all. They say they have multiple game projects in development right now, but I’ll believe them when I see them.

I have become incredibly bitter in the last few years about what Valve has become.


i’ve given up hope

where am i gonna get a weird sci-fi shootin game now?


im pretty sure it came out today right


I doubt Valve will make a new game ever again tbh


It came out in March, it’s called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


At this point I don’t want HL3. Not every story needs an ending and as much of a cliff hanger as Ep2 was I think I can live with it.


Honestly my instinct says never…


How many of the original franchise’s writers are still at valve? 2 yrs from now they will probably release the ending of the Half Life story via Google Doc


This is me. I grew up loving Valve. I’d watch my Dad play Half-Life over his shoulder, I play Half-Life 2 once a year and it still feels great despite being ten years old. Team Fortress Classic was formative for me, and TF2 got a good 8 years of play from myself, my father and sister. I put over 600 hours into L4D, around 100 into the sequel, and of course love the Portal games…

Then in the last year I got my Steam account hacked, and the response was “well, it’s your fault that that happened, no we aren’t giving you your hats or Steam community profile or friends list back.” Which essentially meant that going back to TF2 wasn’t happening, because I had no desire to work my way back to having all my item sets back together again. And then I read about how brutal Valve runs internally on Glassdoor, saw the departures of previous lead writers… That managed to kill off any attachment I really had left to them as a company.

I did expect that if we were ever going to see a Half-Life 3, it had to be used in the same way the previous iterations were - to try and sell a new style of gameplay, like @Brolo mentioned, to push the Vive headsets and VR in general. Something groundbreaking. And instead we just got an admittedly slick mini-game collection. And the ability to click a bunch of DOTA items in 3D.

So yeah, unless they suddenly decide HERE’S A LOTTA GAMES I’m not really going to hope for much at this point.