When Was the Last Time You Fell In Love… With a Game?

No, I’m not being cheeky. ‘Prey’ has me singing its… praises.

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Right now. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The emergent insanity and insane tension were things I didn’t even know I wanted but this game has swallowed almost every bit of free time I have after work, girlfriend, and basic necessities.

The short match times and ease of accommodating solo, duo, or group play depending on who is available are tailor made for my current lifestyle.


Heavy same, it’s Prey.

Also more or less laser-targeted for me, which is very nice.

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Everything really tickles my fancy. I often leave it idling on autopilot for hours.

SOMA got its hooks in me real deep (didn’t play until last October-ish.)

The first time I found one of “those” puzzles in The Witness.


I had stopped playing games, but picked up Bloodborne to give it a try. I never felt more accomplished after a boss fight, or had such an enlightening moment when I found an alternative path, shortcut, or flush out the map in my mind.

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I thought that maybe my capacity for this would get less over time, when I’m no longer young and impressionable. But it says a lot for where games are at that in 2017 that they still find ways of getting under my skin and becoming a part of me, which I think is something like what is meant by falling in love with a game, for me at least.

NieR: Automata and The Last Guardian are probably the last two games to do this for me. There are others that I’ve enjoyed lately too - lots of others - but these two stick out as things that are going to stay with me, that colonised bits of my brain.

I could not stop smiling when playing Trails in the Sky two years ago. Just constantly grinning like a dork. The characters have great back and forth dialogue, which reminds me of the back and forth nature of the dialogue in Gilmore Girls. The combat is spectacular. The overall plot takes some turns that are really well done. When I played it a second time last year I still could not stop smiling.

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morrowind. fuck any game that isn’t morrowind in my imo


NieR: Automata and Breath of the Wild BOTH jumped super high on my list of favorite games ever.

March was… a real good month for games.

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Hands down Nier: Automata. The last game to do that to me was…Dragons Dogma.

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I played it from early access to release and I still play a couple rounds a week because I love the mechanics so much.


Persona 4
From how interesting the combat was to the complex characters you’ll learn to love, be inspired by, or feel sad about.

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Unexplored has been a constant in my life since some time in March.

I’ve also been pretty smitten with the changes Toukiden 2 made to the first game’s formula.

When Midboss officially launches, it’s going to be something profoundly special.

Happened to me last year when I played Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 almost back to back. Fell in love with them for completely different reasons, but I fell hard.

The Witcher 3, in particular, ruined so many other games for me. The richness of the characterization, the weightiness with which Geralt moves (I know some people find the movement a turnoff, but for me it’s an essential part of the experience), the art design, the quests, the world–it set the bar for that type of experience and at the same time brought me back to the early story-driven RPGs that had brought me into the genre. The Witcher 3 was what I thought a game like Baldur’s Gate might play like, if realized with today’s technology. Nothing else has been able to compete with its one-two-three punch of craft, quality, and oddly, nostalgia.


Dark Souls II. The Dark Souls series was inscrutable until I found myself 10-15 hours into this one, and then it just suddenly clicked.

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I mean, I’m currently enjoying my second play through of Prey and am planning on a third. And I haven’t played a game that made me a curious as BotW in years. But a non-2017 answer would be the latest HITMAN. It made stealth fun for me, as I usually stress over it. The game was lighthearted enough and the run-based nature made it easy to let mistakes just be and go with the flow.I had a party earlier this year where we played HITMAN mexico rules (like Giant Bomb’s HITSMAS) and it was a blast for all, especially Sapienza where a friend of mine had to destroy the virus in the mime outfit! The game is so good at making the bad situations just as fun as the perfect runs.

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Breath of the Wild. Its not perfect but exploring that world and experimenting with the various systems was so mesmerizing


Very interesting that the first didnt do it for you but the second did. I was hooked since Demons Souls and DS2 is actually the weakest in the series in my opinion.

Most recently, Persona 5, and less recently but still recent, Tales of Berseria

Persona 5 is a game about abuse survivors attacking and destroying the systems that put them down. The lyrics to the two theme songs of the game are all about destroying the powerful, its the best.

Similarly with Tales of Berseria, the entire game is about you the protagonist playing as the Lord of Calamity trying to destroy Anime Pope Jesus’s fascist regime in a single minded revenge quest. That fucking owns.

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