Where did "Cishet" come from?


Hi there everybody,

So, I am apparently a Cishet. I didn’t know I was one until recently, in fact I hadn’t heard or seen the term before until I started posting on Waypoint. I got interested by the word and tried to google my way to a better understanding of it’s origin and usage, but sadly most of the stuff I found was filed firmly under the rubrik of “This is SJW propaganda” by what I assume are overly sensitive man babies.

My general understanding is that it describes heterosexual men, but why not just say straight dudes instead?

I hope I’m not coming off as ignorant, I am really just genuinely curious about the word.



Closed this thread as this is something that is easily searchable online and the first comment was already going in a bad direction.

Here’s a link for you - http://queerdictionary.blogspot.com/2014/09/definition-of-cishet.html