Where is the love?: Let's talk about moon: Remix RPG Adventure

It’s hard to believe, but one of the best games of the year came out over 20 years ago. moon: Remix RPG Adventure is unlike any game I’ve played. Even my robust list of Chulip-likes which it contains struggles to match the particularities of this style of game, and even then, the ways in which moon subverts even those qualities is fascinating.

You can read about moon’s lengthy journey to localization here:

This is a place to discuss the themes, story, and pretty much anything you want about moon: Remix RPG Adventure. You can ask for hints, too! Please be liberal with spoiler tagging with both story and puzzle info. Many people will want to go in with very little forehand knowledge.


This is something I really want to play, it is absolutely my speed, but without a Switch, I feel left out.


It’s definitely weird to me that it’s an exclusive, though I think there might be a deal. There are some LPs out there, and I think I saw one that was a person translating as they played, if that interests you.

I’m curious if people will make the official translation playable with the original Playstation version. My understanding is that people had tried to translate it but it wasn’t finished.


Warning: Huge spoilers for moon. I’ve been considering writing something up, too. :thinking:

Just wanted to necro to say: moon is officially coming to PC!