Where is the pipe?


This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I can’t find the pipe. I just have no idea where it is. I’m sure I’d recognize it if I saw it. It’s about yea high, and pretty clearly marked as a pipe. But I just can’t find it anywhere. Have any of you seen the pipe recently?


here ya go


is this it



Mayor Mike Haggar might have an idea





I asked the mayor, but he didn’t know either. All of these are good pictures of pipes, really good pictures, thank you for those. But none of those are the pipe I’m looking for. They’re not big enough. I said it was yea high, that’s the pipe I’m looking for, it’s yea high. But those pipes are about half, maybe two-thirds yea. They’re still good pipes, though. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that you showed me those pipes. They’ve got me on the right mental track to find the pipe. But I still haven’t found the pipe.


is it the hash pipe?



edit: damn you sufjan


Seriously though. The pipe is right next to my office where they’re expanding the interstate to accommodate the new Atlanta Braves stadium nobody asked for. I know this because it is a water main AND THEY KEEP BREAKING IT

(just for fun, if you aren’t around the southeast, just look up Atlanta and all of the absolute disasters that have been happening to our major infrastructure such as collapsing highway bridges and multiple sinkholes… also the stadium that is a suburb desperately trying to gentrify)




I came into this thread with about zero understanding of this doke, and I feel like I just stepped on a landmine. Holy shit.



Look. I know about that painting of the pipe. It’s a really nice painting of a pipe. I haven’t seen it in person, but we talked about it once in history class. I don’t need a picture of a painting of a pipe. I definitely don’t need a picture with the text changed because people think it makes a good joke even though it doesn’t. I need the pipe. The pipe is what I need.

2Mello, thank you very much for posting a map of where to look. I drove there yesterday and looked in that area, but I couldn’t find the pipe. Maybe it got moved after you posted the map? Either way, thank you for giving me a good place to look that I hadn’t checked before.


have… you… checked…



I’m confused, is a pipe a type of sandwich?