Where them vids at

Hey all!

I’m a huge fan of Waypoint’s video content (xcom 2, stellaris, and battletech were some of my favorite things online), but noticed that they haven’t streamed or posted any videos in awhile. Are they taking a break from videos? Any idea when they’ll come back? Are they posted somewhere else?

I couldn’t find if this was posted or answered elsewhere, so my apologies if this is a repeat!! Thanks so much all

With the news that Facebook pretty much lied and inflated viewership on their stuff, i wonder if a lot of video output will drop off for everyone going forward.

I know they do Twitch and convert that to YT generally but the Vice offices maybe don’t have the setups and space going as often comoany-wide.

Literally all speculating on my end, though.

Hey, someone asked Austin about videos on Twitter and posted his response over here. He posted a lengthy State of the Waypoint of sorts a few posts after that, which is worth checking out. (The whole thread is basically about this issue, but those are the posts that directly answer a couple of your questions.)

As to where this stuff is, you can mostly find it archived on YouTube and Twitch. It seems like Waypoint stopped archiving their streams/videos on Vice’s own video hosting platform long ago, so you mostly have to go to other sites to see that stuff.

Hope this helps!