Which Dark Souls is the Best

  • Demon Souls
  • Dark Souls
  • Dark Souls II
  • Bloodborne
  • Dark Souls III

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I mean Austin mentioned in the Podcast and I couldn’t find a Thread, so let the DS2 bashing begin. But seriously. The obvious answer is DS1 and if I have to pick its probably that but I actually spent way more time and have a real soft spot for DS2. The vast majority of the criticism for that game seems to be mainly that it ditched the interconnected world. Which seemed to be a timing thing, having to scrap the game they had been making half way through development, to start over. But it did give the feeling that you were travelling great distances to different kingdoms at different times, that wouldn’t have worked if you were just walking through an interconnected level. Something DS3 does and seems to get away with through some lore gymnastics. Dark Souls III misses out on my list based on the fact that everything that’s great about it is built off of all the other games.

And then there’s Demon Souls, which would probably be my favourite if it wasn’t for the performance issues that it has on the PS3. I find it really hard to play with the lower frame rates, but some of the ambience Tower of Latria and Valley of Defilement is never matched again in the series. I would love a remaster of this, though that is not going to happen.

And finally Bloodborne, which I have spent probably the most time with. It almost doesn’t belong in a best Dark Souls discussion because what makes it so great is what it does differently to Dark Souls. But seeing as it was no doubt going to come up may as well though it in aswell. It take on Lovecraft is fantastic, I had never really read or looked into much Lovecraft before but the way it interwove those ideas into the story. The turn it takes half way through the game is fantastic. Combat is fantastic, Level Design and Enviroment Design is possibly the best in an Dark Souls game. The question though is is it a Dark Souls game or something else ?


Isn’t the correct answer Nioh?


I’m a Dark Souls 2 liker. If you pressed me I would probably admit that Dark Souls 1 is the better game, but I like Dark Souls 2 more, so I voted for it on this poll. May god have mercy on my soul.


Bloodborne is easily my favorite.

I enjoyed the world and worldbuilding more than other Souls games, as I can fuck with gothic horror a lot more than sword & sorcery stuff. The increased pace of combat, focus on player skill over stats and wildly unique, grotesque weapons all pulled me in like no other Souls game.

Also, c’mon. Werewolf hunting.


I have only played 1 and 2 but I doubt 3 will recapture 1 for me. The interconnected world, and being my first souls game just made it shine so much.

My main let down from 2 was that it felt more of the same, but lesser. A non interconnected world, a weaker aesthetic that I was also just less into* and a lot of similar enemies and bosses that didn’t do that much to make them unique or interesting. The DLC was the best part of the game, but that just meant it was a good quarter of a game.

* By this I mean, some individual areas looked great (eg. Majula) but as a whole the game doesn’t have a unifying look or feel the way DS1 did.


nioh is the best dark souls, op


dark souls 2 was weird and risky and interesting. it told its story in a much more exciting way, the people and the world felt real. majula (majela? it’s been a while) was such an interesting reworking of the firelink shrine style home base. a town where everyone ends up when they lose their way, all the people losing their minds in a far more terrifying and real way than hollowing.

the new game plus stuff was super cool, and the way it fed into the player-led difficulty management was really clever. i dont think the game lost anything by letting players who struggle grind away at enemies to clear a boss run, and i think the game gained a LOT by letting advanced players strengthen an area’s enemies for an extra challenge.

and the reveal with the king is probably the most memorable moment in the entire series.

edit: although i don’t have a ps3 and bloodborne does seem like 100% My Shit so take my answer as a dark souls only answer


Honestly, Dark Souls II was the first of the souls games I actually completed, or at least got to the ‘end’. I’ve completed Bloodborne and Dark Souls III mainly through calling for co-op help, which I know is cheating.

I think Bloodborne is my favourite, just because I liked the combat and all the Lovecraftian horror. Souls became a little bit too much ‘big dude in armour’ kind of game by 2 and 3. I love monsters!


First Dark Souls I completed. Made me feel like a man. But of course all the naysayers will say it doesn’t count won’t they? Because it’s not Demon’s Souls or the first Dark Souls.


Bloodborne is definitely my favourite but DS3 and Demons Souls are getting harsh treatment here.


Bloodborne by far for me. I’ve tried a couple of dozen times to get into Dark Souls over the years and I just found it SUPER boring (though I’ve only tried the first one). Bloodborne grabbed me from the word go and didn’t let go until I’d platinum’d it.


I CANNOT believe how tight this poll is at the time of me posting, goes to show the quality of these games

I’ll say that while Demon Souls was my first, Dark Souls created such a lived in space with Lordran that I don’t think they’ve ever topped


I totally expected DS1 by a country mile, though lot’s of people jumped on with Bloodborne so I guess that’s actually not that surprising.


Personally, I think DS3 is the strongest on a technical and mechanical level, and in a lot of smaller ways too, but I still love 2 the most for the sense of adventure, and the variety of locations, and it’s fetish for historical armour.

Honestly, I don’t think DS1 has aged well. If it got a full remake so it played like DS3 and ironed out a few things, it’d easily be contender for the best. But Bloodborne has VASTLY superior level design IMO, and as a side effect of the other two games repeating themes and stories, those stories have been told better in other places. It’s still brilliant, and as I said, a remake would make it genuinely amazing I think, but as it stands it’s been bettered.

I got a lot of time for Demon’s Souls and it’s weird ideas that never got carried on. I’d love a full remake of that too.


Dark Souls 2 is my favourite. It has the most interesting stories and tells them in the most interesting ways. Plus I love the varied environment design.


Bloodborne’s visual consistency seemed to drive people nuts, but I preferred the washed-out purple aesthetic to the washed-out grey aesthetic of the first two DS games. Plus, I really just enjoyed how the horror influences became the focus rather than a single influence among many. I never got through III enough to say whether or not that outclassed Bloodborne.


Bloodborne is the best Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2 is the actual best Dark Souls game
Dark Souls 3 does the most and wins for pure variation and encounter design
Dark Souls 1 achieved a good deal but its real obtuse to play and I dont want to play it again. Also its real real dark
I liked Demon’s Souls before it was cool and bought it as soon as it came out, but then immediately dropped it because it was hard and I was bad

and then i got gud


Bloodborne is my favorite, on some days it’s tied with Demon’s Souls whenever I start reminiscing over how ballsy and varied its boss gimmicks were at the time and even now, 4 games later.

Voted for Dark Souls II without looking at the rest of the poll because it’s my favorite Dark Souls game. I’m just gonna leave it there because I can’t get over the way this thread title is worded (:yum:) and my Dark Fave usually needs that help anyway.


I wouldn’t worry about whether or not it “counts” winning with co-op. If you beat it, you beat it.


Here’s a confession for you: I’ve never beaten any Souls game. I got real close to the end of Souls 1 and lost my save game (LOOK I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT), but I have dumped a… large part of my life into these games.

Dark Souls II (if you want to get more specific, Scholar of the First Sin), is the best Souls game. I love the setting of II the most (the theory of it being a place for those who balked against relinking the fire and looked for a way to break the cycle is so good, and Scholar pays it off brilliantly), and the combat in II was a step above DS1 and DeS. Plus, they brought back the degrading life bar from DeS, and that gives dying a bit more weight (although not much once you get the ring). Dark Souls has the advantage of Lorderon feeling like a very distinct place (provided you ignore the arbitrary inclusion of LAVA WORLD, shut up, I know there are lore reasons for it and it’s not actually that hard but it is still Dumb and Bad), but man, Dark Souls II gave us the Emerald Herald, and great lighting (most when they could be arsed), and… look, I love everything about II.

I was at home for Christmas for a long vacation earlier this year/late last year and you better believe I rolled a new Dark Souls II character on the 360 I left at home and probably lost a good 15-20 hours to it again.