Which is worse: angry game nerd or angry anime nerd

Been thinking about this for a bit for no particular reason.

Personally, I haven’t heard of any anime nerds who go out of their way to doxx or immediately chastise an anime just because it didn’t feature something they liked. However, I just not aware of any major incidents when anime nerds have done something similar to GamerGate.

So, yeah: definitely think angry game nerds are worse. But, that’s my opinion.

What’s yours? I interested in knowing more about people’s opinion on this extremely niche issue.

I think you’ll find that the Venn diagram of the two is essentially a circle


A lot of angry game nerds have smug anime avatars, so they tend to be one in the same. Angry anime nerds still attack whatever they see as a slight on their hobby, we just don’t see it a lot unless you know where they go to complain. Gamers get mad over the perceived censorship of localized Japanese games because they see it as an attack on the norms and tropes they love that exist in a lot of Japanese media, mainly anime.

I still remember the heated hate an artist at Cartoon Network got for making a doodle with marker over a pencil sketch of Spike Speigel by the creator on an artist wall. It was an absurd amount of vitriol over a throwaway sketch that they treated like it deserved to be some kind of wonder of modern art. Granted it was a silly thing to do, drawing over a sketch of another artist, but if nobody took any steps to preserve it then it was only a matter of time before something else happened to “ruin” it (spilled drink, somebody’s butt accidentally rubbing it off, etc.).

Gonna have to say anime nerds are worse because as a wise sage put it “Anime is for jerks.”

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me, young, naïve: the future’s gonna be great
me, older, from the future: anime nazis I guess


Media nerds of any sort are pretty gross, really. Anime, games, Star Wars, you name it.

I guess I don’t really see a point to this thread other than taking pot shots at stereotypes, though, so, meh?

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There’s a really bad part of fanbases for anything, even outside of media. I find it really hard to say which is worse because it’s usually all based on the same bad energy and in most cases, the same people!

Also, I have wonderful friends who get really hilariously angry at anime and games sometimes and don’t hurt anybody. I have done tirades on the long silence of Metroid on podcasts and forums that would now be pretty embarrassing to look back on. We’re talking about the stereotypical image of someone we can look at as an angry nerd who took it too far but not have to consider anything else about them.


Angry Anime Nerds tend to have better opinions in my experience. At the very least they feud with each other and ONE OF THEM has a correct opinion.

Angry Game Nerds are wrong like 70% of the time even about the weirdest most obvious stuff.

angry nerds are bad, full stop

angry sports nerds are bad, angry food nerds are bad, how bad depends on your relation to these subjects

these two are notable only because their nerd-dom tends to involve fetish of Japan, which I guess is bad, but not uncommon

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honestly i’d take this a step further and say that threads about pedantic “which is the lesser of two evils” stuff exists only for actual nerd boys to find scapegoats and avoid self-criticism or self-analysis

not saying it’s intentional, but from the outside looking at this thread, all i’m seeing are people weakly joking “well i’m not the WORST am i? this thing is worse” and idk, that train of thought isn’t very productive and it’s an easy trap to fall in to


I did watch an angry game nerd pick a fight with Bugs Bunny once…


Angry nerds are just the worst.

Though I must admit talking anime with my nerd friends is really fun and sometimes gets heated.

There’s no other time where I can argue about the politics of Little Witch Academia. That burning, important topic.

TL;DR: You don’t have to indirectly attack me. I’m right here! I want to talk so we can clear up some misunderstanding, but don’t place me in a corner as inferior and expect me to treat that as anything but masking your own insecurities about what I mean in your world.

So you’re insinuating I’m looking for an ‘either or’ to shirk responsibility for my own actions?

Well, I’ve been - and sometimes still am - both and more. I guess what I wanted to do with this topic is to understand why this sort of binary takes place. Most of the group have presented great comments about why this sort of argument is flawed. Yet, the argument persists in all of us - just look at any politically charged comment online and you will have already picked a side as inferior than the other.

You @jaguar, however, exemplify the very problem with this issue - you place yourself above it all, but you don’t with to argue directly with the people involved. Rather, you place these people in a corner and hope and pray they tear each other apart.

You never wanted to have any meaningful discourse; you came here distinctly to deride me for my post, feel superior with what little rhetoric you presented to another person who commented about this thread (I hope my first major paragraph answered part of that question, @Hailinel), and run away.

I won’t shirk away from this: I’m mad at you for placing me in a corner and calling it a day instead of asking my why I made this thread. I want this discussion to continue, but I want to be on some form of level playing field. I am sorry, though, for not placing much effort in making this thread.

I’m saying this part more to my future self, but I’m terrible at placing my thoughts into a coherent format. I’ve always been bad at this. I don’t want this to be yet another forum I stop posting in because my first thread went so badly. I’m still bad a failure, but I tend to fail big enough for me to just quit after the first ‘Game Over’ screen of sorts. If this turns out to be a terrible decision to be honest about myself on another website on supposedly well-meaning game players, than I don’t want to quit on myself for their lack of acceptance.

My advice is people should never try to be an “angry nerd” in anything. Games, anime, movies, music, sports. Maybe even cut the “nerd” out. It has a connotation historically for a reason. You’re probably waaaay too interested in just that one thing and have trouble talking with other humans about other stuff. Think of yourself as a “fan” or “enthusiast” instead, but don’t define yourself on any one hobby. For example, a decade ago I was a HUGE angry metal nerd.

I think it comes from a point of personal insecurity and loneliness, at least for me. I had terrible social anxiety, not a ton of friends, no girlfriends. I got off on getting online and yelling at people anonymously on the differences between technical death metal and progressive death metal, yadda yadda. God, I’m embarrased to even say that out loud. I found a point where I realized I was SUPER unhappy with just, everything, and stopped posting online.

I started to actually listen to the music “I hated” and ended up liking it. I found more friends, started to go on dates, found myself actually enjoying myself at parties and social events. Started meditating more, working out almost 5 times a week. Realized that just being positive and nice to anyone, anywhere rubs off on yourself ten times over. Your go-to de-facto mode should be “smile, be nice, positive, and understanding”. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Think about morality, and how to improve not only yourself, but your community, and everyone you touch. Be a positive force in the world. I don’t know many “angry nerds” that identify with this, but I sure know a lot of cool people who are interested in different things that are.

Moral is, if you find yourself identifying as a “gamer nerd” I’d highly suggest logging off the computer for a week. Read a book. Ride a bike. Train for a 5k. Try out meditating. Pick up a new hobby. Play an instrument. Learn to draw or paint. Do something constructive, creative, or active. Then, when you come back to gaming, you won’t be “angry”, or a “nerd”. You’ll probably enjoy it twice as much.

Tl;dr, anyone that identifies too strongly with any one weird hobby is probably coping with their own insecurities and it’s healthy to deal with them head on and diversify to different hobbies and interests to prevent becoming an “angry nerd”.

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like… what binary are you talking about? in what possible way does it matter which aggressive group of obsessive pricks is worse? what possible meaningful conclusion can come from that discussion?

also as i said in my post, i didn’t think your thread was created deliberately with bad intentions, just that i don’t see a point in such a discussion because they’re like, the same side of the same coin, and pretending there’s any difference isn’t gonna be useful longterm. i promise you, you will never find a situation where it matters if anime fans or video game fans are worse as a demographic.

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