Which jeans are worse?

  • Clear Knee Mom Jeans
  • Double Jeans
  • Garter Strap Jeans

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Visual Aids

Figure 1: Clear Knee Mom Jeans

Figure 2: Double Jeans

Figure 3: Garter Strap Jeans


They’re all fantastic.


the double jeans are trying way too hard imo, but the other two are LOOKS


I love the double jeans.


Garter jeans and clear knee jeans are pure.


I feel like those garter jeans are the worst way you could do them. If they just existed the same way that garter leggings do, and you used black jeans instead of blue, they would look fine.

I’m not big on the plastic-covered knees, but overall I think they’re better than the double jeans That said, Rhianna’s double jeans don’t look nearly as bad as in that picture.

Edit: no to go too heavy on images, but I found a better garter jeans example:


clear knee mom jeans rule cause two of those four words are “mom jeans”


What in the world am I looking at!?


Jell (jeans hell)



the blessed jields of jelysium


I feel like if you have to turn jeans into basically leggings with (possibly faux?) buttons in order for a look to Work they belong in jell (jeans hell). They also do not work fundamentally as jorts (jean shorts) because of the jangles (jean dangles), which docks them several points on the jale (jean scale) of jomfort (jean comfort)

Also To Your Rihanna Point. Rihanna is Rihanna the tenner of salted soil in the fashion world, if anyone could make something like Double Jeans work it would be her.


Jeggings or not, I like the garter pictures I posted, so… TONIGHT, I DINE IN JELL!

Oh, and you’d best believe I’m taking the deans (double jeans) with me!


This post is

A lot


if you can’t handle the jeat get out of the jitchen


Before posting: anyone can wear whatever they want and every piece of clothing can probably be used in an amazing way to create some great style. I’m not super clued in to fashion, though I think it’s fascinating.

That said, the one I think is least appealing personally is the garter jeans. Can’t even think of a way I could make those work in an outfit. The clear knee ones look like low-rent cyberpunk and that’s my jam, and the double ones are just super high-wasted so I think it would be pretty easy to make work.


the new Bloodborne DLC’s looking great


Denim and Blood: The Cusp of Jell


What a turn that took, I thought I would hate the clear knee jeans the most, but the garter ones are easily the worst. Maybe if they were black denim? idk


In actual, real life I cupped my hands and screamed into them.


Honestly, I’d just go all the way clear pants