Which M&M is your favourite?

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Orange

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They’re chocolate and you’re only human.

Peanut butter, Blue.

There’s a new M&M variety called “Strawberry Nut” and they taste like someone did a crunchberries fart on some peanut M&Ms.

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If we’re going by taste, they are all the same. BUT if we’re talking about their anthropomorphic personas, green is the only answer.

Nah, man. Brown is sassy.

Finally the trap that is this topic has been sprung.


Nuts and chocolate will never stop being the perfect candy combo.

Also, J.K. Simmons voices the yellow M&M apparently? Isn’t he in like five other commercial things. Guy knows how to get paid.

I associate the colour blue with good candy, and prefer the blue M&Ms for no other reason.

With a bio like this how can green be anything but the best?

I’m just saying, if Bayonetta was an M&M she would be the Brown M&M.