Which MGS game will Kanye West like most


I refuse to believe Kanye has any skill at playing video games. He makes pop culture references constantly and the only video game references I can remember on Kanye tracks are in other rappers’ guest verses and the supposed album title Turbo-Grafx 16.

So he’ll like 4 best because you have to play it the least.


Do not joke about Kanye in DS, I actually wanna play that game and Kojima is way too easily starstruck :disappointed_relieved:


Hey, maybe we’re all completely wrong, and Kanye finally got around to trying out P.T.


I doubt anyone who knows Metal Gear THAT well would be crazy about the series as Dan Ryckert is…

@https://forum.waypoint.vice.com/u/mnemos Well, there is always the Jeremy Parish approach: Of course Ghost Babel is canon. It’s part of Raiden’s VR training before Sons of Liberty!


God help us if he ever finds out Ghost Babel isn’t canon.

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