Which Of These Is The Greatest Animated Intro


Oh Waypointeers, render onto thus your judgment and declare the greatest of all intro themes!

Contestant One!

Contestant Two!

You decide!


For me, it’s Johnny Quest, no contest (except for this literal one). The “cyber” green-on-black would have appealed a bunch to my younger self, who had complicated feelings about cars and thus would not like Wheel Warriors. Even the adult me writing this wishes it wasn’t a car show.


the second one is good dont get me wrong but the real adventures of johnny quest was my saturday morning double decker ice cream sundae baby!! I forgot how much i loved that show until i saw that radiant green line and it all came rushing back like i just made accidental eye contact with my high school crush and my god she looks fantastic at 32. the aspects of her beauty i appreciated in my youth though present and finer still are now usurped by nuances the young have not yet the mind to appreciate. the subtle confidence in the way she holds her drink, the downward curve of her lip when she can’t control her smile, the way she has not yet broken eye contact - she’s not challenged, she’s not afraid, and - maybe? - shes happy to see me too

contestant one


First off, great topic lol.

Now for the contest…whoa. I was sure I was going to go with the trippy weirdness of that Johnny Quest intro–especially considering I’ve never even heard of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (that name though)–but the narration and intro music of Jayce was…something else. Now I’m not sure who to go with lol.

EDIT: So upon subsequent watches, I realized an important factor (at least for me) is re-watchability. The latter half of Jayce seems like it could be from one scene of an episode (which could get a little old) , whereas Johnny Quest’s fills me with a sense of mystery and anticipation. Sooo…imma have to give to Johnny Q.

Also if you ever do a round 2 of this I’d like to propose two intros lol.


The 90’s were a hell of a drug

watches second video

The 90’s were normcore actually


The Johnny Quest intro walks away with it. The weird CG Cyberspace is just too good to be true. Also they had a super-dark episode where people in a sealab got eaten by mutants and let me tell you it was more than a little graphic for a kid’s show.

EDIT: Full credit to Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors for looking like a fever dream I had once though. Also to that wizard(?) marking a scoreboard after he kills(??) a plant monster car(???).


Yep, that guy is totally a wizard. Also, there is a little robot knight.




Lightning Strikes!


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