Whip Count for AHCA


Matt Fuller as Huffpost is keeping a close count on how close the AHCA is to passing. It’s at 17 NO votes. 23 will kill it. Many are undecided, so it very much looks like its NOT a sure thing. Vote is at 1:15 today.

Keep in mind that the Senate will be EVEN MORE DIFFICULT for this to pass through, and then it would go back to both chambers with amendments.



As someone not in the US, the vote kind of comes as a surprise (judging from some twitters that might not be exclusive to people outside the US). I thought priorities had shifted after the last one failed to get through/with all the fallout that got? What changed? Was last time just a stay of execution?


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An amendment was added that appealed to hard line conservatives that cut EVEN MORE benefits. Another amendment threw a pittance at pre-existing condition coverage. That’s the very short version of what brought it back.


Ah, interesting. Sounds like some quick fixes to get a slight advantage in the votes. Hopefully it gets killed, that’s just not good politics.



Time to start thinking about the Senate.

I need tums.


If your representative voted for the bill, call and tell them you will not support them in the future.

If your representative is a Democrat, call and tell them to stop acting like fucking children and view this as more than an opportunity to gain seats in 2018.


Eat the rich, depose the GOP.

What an absolutely shitty day.


Welp, this bill (or a remade senate bill) still has a long way to go before becoming law, but progressives should take zero solace in that. Stay vigilant, friends.


We have so many Dems we need to primary the fuck out of. Whether it’s supporting the Syria air strikes, voting to help kill the ACA, or supporting tough law and order policy, the Dems are basically the left wing of the Republican party.



Everyone email Nancy Pelosi and tell her this behavior is unacceptable.