Who are the cutest boys in games?


People attracted to boys, who attracts you most? Who has the nicest face, the buffest bod and the kindest heart?

Geralt will always be king of my heart :heart:


this boy right here


Nathan Drake(despite the tendency for mercenary murdering) - smart and athletic!

Also, you never see his face but I did develop a weird crush on the character you play in the Star Wars Battlefront VR X-Wing mission of all things! The way he talked on the mission radio sounded rather cute…



Akihiko Sanada, the best Persona boy


If you’d asked me a few months ago, it probably would’ve been Link or something, but now?


Voted #1 by fans… still needs to get the hell out of my cafe.


you beautiful metal man


Fan canon Roadhog when he’s a big softie. Less when he’s the actual hopped-up criminal Blizzard forces him to be :cry:


literally ever other boy in this game is cuter what the heck is this




Man, what a pull. Nice.


He’s mega cute!

Also get Akechi out of this thread that narc is far from cute.



The cutest and best boy is Missile from Ghost Trick.


twewy contained my first boy crush





He is the Best of Boys, he is the Worst of Boys.

But he is the Cutest of Boys, above all.