Who are the cutest girls in games?


It only fair that the girls get a thread on who’s the cutest.


Glory from Shadowrun: Dragonfall by Harebrained Schemes, Steam background.

Chaska from Skyborn by Dancing Dragon Games, in-game artwork.





The muscles from Brussels
The beef from the reef
The bulge swatter from Bilgewater


@arlo already beat me to it but that’s not gonna stop me.

(Artist: https://twitter.com/Kuvshinov_Ilya)


Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles is my favourite female character ever.

Can’t forget Rikku and Yuna from my favourite game, Final Fantasy X though (still pretty cute in X-2 as well).


2B, Elphelt, and Jill~!


Can’t find the specific post, but this is the artist: http://kiririn51.tumblr.com



Finally, the topic for me.

(Erica from Catherine, Camilla from Fire Emblem: Fates, Mistral from Metal Gear Rising, and Urbosa from Breath of the Wild)


@arlo @Y2Ken Shout-out to the Chie fans and to Kuvshinov_Ilya art


These last 2 are very good™



Seriously, this girl is low-key God Eater’s best character.

[details=HERE WE GO]She uses a cannon, obviously, but she’s also a medic, which means that she fires healing shots from said cannon. Except she’s also not great at it, which results in the most painful friendly-fire in the business when she forgets to load the heal shots. She is constantly apologising and it’s ADORABLE, but she’s also the best healer in the game by far, despite how the game portrays her. Heals in large bursts frequently, in exchange she’ll occasionally hit you with a cannon round in mid-air and send you flying. Fair trade-off.

But then in God Eater 2 someone decides to give her the most gut-wrenchingly personal and affecting storyline of all the characters. It’s a good few years after the first game, and Kanon has made NO PROGRESS. Despite all her efforts she just can’t stop with the friendly fire. To the point where on order from engineering she is actively handicapped to prevent damage to her teammates. She superior hands her over to you because he can’t handle her. All her friends from the first game have left the base. When you do her quest to get her handicaps removed for plot she CALLS HER MOM because she has NOBODY ELSE TO CELEBRATE WITH other than you and the engineer girl, who are already there, which is TOO FUCKING REAL and god dammit I just want to hug her.

Did I mentions she bakes cookies and the like in her spare time? It’s because she’s perfect yall. Perfect. [/details]


Shout-out to Naoto before I forget


Please everyone. Source your art.


I’m assuming unless it’s official game artwork? Like is that a given?


Yes. You don’t need to source official game art.


My girl, Captain Piper Faraday. Making space safe for steambots everywhere.


(But saying what game it is, or who the character is might still be nice for people who have no idea.)