Who are the cutest non-binary, genderfluid, agender, etc characters in games?


C’mon Waypoint. We got the cutest girls and boys, but there are more genders than just that. Here’s to all the other cuties in games.

(Leo Kliesen in Tekken)

(Bolt in Crypt of the Necrodancer)

LGBTQ+ rep in video games

This led me to read Leo’s Wikia page and I am so happy it did.

ten friggin’ general notes on Leo’s percieved gender and noone seems to be sure which of the two he is.

Leo is Leo. Leo is life.

Edit: this bit also made me happy

Leo can be customized as Ash Ketchum, the main hero from the Pokémon anime. Not surprisingly, Ash’s English voice actor, Veronica Taylor, provides Leo’s voice.


Sprite, from Secret of Mana, is cute



I haven’t played it yet, but the child from RiME looks like an adorable kid.


These characters are both gendered at one point or another by the game, but that’s bullshit and I headcanon them as nonbinary so

Legion from Mass Effect 2 and three

Shale from Dragon Age Origins


Yo tho, what character isn’t gendered in some way either by fandom or by the games themselves?
So anyway

Frisk from Undertale is cute!


This little bud


True, I just wanted to cover my tracks in case someone was like “well they call Legion “He” all the time” or “Shales flesh form was female so they don’t count”



Gender neutral, body neutral, shape neutral, blob is the best of all worlds.


Rocket Slime!


Like Blob, how about Ditto from Pokémon? Ditto even changes they’re shape to make every other pokemon feel welcome regardless of their species or gender.


Genderfluid proclamation (canon-adjacent) & screenshot source.

CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)

I question this one, just because Helix is known as DNA Man in Japan.

I want to believe tho

Also, to get the sweep on this one:


Zonda from Azure Striker Gunvolt, the only character I’ve seen in games referred to by the Xe/Xem pronouns.

And their gender is never specifically said in the games and most people see them as NB, Blanche from Pokemon Go.





Robin Newman is one of my absolute favorite character designs of the past 10 years. It’s brilliantly simplistic and it really beautifully conveys how you can change a character gender and tone by just a few penstrokes. Simly changing the angle of his/her bangs and the positioning of his arms.


I do appreciate your enthusiasm around them, but I feel the game handles them so poorly and problematicly that it just makes me sad when they are brought up.


It’s been a real long while since I played it so I don’t really remember that much of it, can you specify how fucks up?


They’ll hack the shit out of you.


Mostly just through use of pronouns. Kinda felt to me like they never acknowledge their gender identity, just assuming once they know the twist that they are a woman. Just felt like everyone else was erasing it and purposely not acknowledging it. I don’t know, I’m not an expert on it, but I walked away from that case feeling sad and disappointed.