Who are the Sexiest Robots Across All Forms of Entertainment? (Games, Books, Anime, etc.)


Who’s the hottest? The horniest?

I have strong feelings about BT from Titanfall 2 and I mean of course there’s always Bastion.

EDIT: Ok I am now extending this to ANY ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT FROM ANY MEDIA FORM. This includes books, anime, etc.

EDIT 2: OK, to be absolutely clear: ANY SELF-SUFFICIENT FULLY ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT (This excludes mechs and cyborgs, which I believe deserve/have their own threads).


The only robot for me.


something something yes of course i’ll be your meatbag something something



sighh I never did get around to playing the new Fallout games.


New Vegas is the best one and I will fight everyone on this website



Don’t worry man I got ya back. It is my fave of the new games as well.


I think most people would agree with you.


He is a good stylish robo boy.



are we extending “robot” to an artificial life form, or only humanoid artificial life


are we forgetting someone


Metal Sonic is the only hot robot




Ooooooh yeeeees


Let’s go ahead and make it any artificial construct. And let’s also remove the restriction of Video Games and make it ANY ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT FROM ANY MEDIA FORM.






Data. It’s gotta be Data.