Who are your favorite multiplayer in-game announcers?

Playing Destiny 2’s Crucible got me thinking about multiplayer in-game announcers.

I’ve always been fond of the Halo multiplayer announcer. I think I have all his lines ingrained in the deepest parts of my brain, forever chanting “Oddball” “Slayer” “Double Kill” etc.

I was a bit disappointed with Bungie’s next announcer, Shaxx, in Destiny 1. Shaxx’s character, like most characters in vanilla Destiny 1, had this suppressed tone. He would say lines that suggested he was excited by what was happening in a match, but the delivery made him seem restrained. He was also a little too eager to tell me that I was losing in Crucible.

But now Bungie seems to have given Shaxx a bit of an attitude adjustment in Destiny 2 and I am loving it. He not just more excited by what is going on, he is INTO IT. A couple of my favorite deliveries:

“Was that all of them? THAT WAS ALL OF THEM!”

“Together! As one. I love it”

I see that I kept my favorites confined to Bungie shooters. What are some of your favorite in-game announcers?


The dude from Monday Night Combat was a dang genius. Also the NBA Jam guy is probably the goat.

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I forgot about Monday Night Combat. Ahead of its time in a way.

Super Monday Night Combat’s announcers. Nothing else I’ve played compares.

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The announcer in Pyre is a relentlessly condescending, apathetic piece of shit and it’s fantastic


I thought we were friends.


Monday Night Combat’s announcer was a lot of fun, and I also really liked the pair they had for Super Monday Night Combat, which did the traditional sports split of announcer and color commentary really well. Had a TON of dialogue and weird stories to fill dead time with. It was really well done and made the game’s tone feel really nice.

Dota 2 has a ton of different announcer packs, but my personal favorite is probably the Stanley Parable one. It puts this great, weird spin on the whole game. The Rick and Morty pack can be fun too but it’s a little too distracting sometimes. The Stanley Parable pack nails it.

And shout-outs to NBA Jam and Rock N Roll Racing

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The announcer from the original Killer Instinct and the new one are fantastic. The original exudes that badass cool factor you’d expect from 1995. You’d expect him to be smoking, wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses indoors. He was just so awesome (combo). The new one just ratchets it up to so absurd over the top levels in time with the game itself being completely self aware of how silly it is (And kudos to Double Helix and Iron Galaxy for really running with that aesthetic). Stages break apart as he screams bigger combo names and if you do an Ultra combo at the end of the match, he just screams this massive “ULLLLLLLLLLLTRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” as the stage explodes in the background. It’s great stuff.


the TF2 announcer is pretty good with her continual disdain for your abilities and her enthusiasm for carnage.


DotA has some pretty great announcer packs. The Bastion guy, GLaDOS, plenty of it’s own characters, a lot of good shit. The Stanley Parable guy one is the best.


I don’t know how I forgot about the TF2 announcer. A whole character herself, as much as the rest of the game’s cast. She’s great. I especially liked her lines during the Soldier vs Demoman event, all the weird friendship-hatred stuff was super fun.

Capcom vs SNK 2

He came out with a sneaky surprise attack at the start of the round.
Now that’s what I like to call BIG DAMAGE

The TF2 announcer was my immediate thought as well. She really seems to absolutely relish the carnage.

Bonus points for Ellen McClain also voicing GLaDOS and the Combine Overwatch in HL2. She’s so good at that kind of disaffected yet secretly bloodthirsty tone.

The announcer from the whole Super Smash Brothers series has always stuck with me for some reason, especially from Melee (owing a lot to how much I played that game). There’s always been something oddly iconic to me about how it just a slightly muffled recording of a really excited guy yelling in an unusually large and echo-y box. The line that really stuck with me beyond the title screen was “a neeeewwww recorddd”

And all the rest:


Probably a way too obvious choice but I still love hearing the Unreal Tournament announcer growling “Double killll!”, “Ultra Kill!”, “Godlike!” and whatnot.
I agree about Shaxx though even though I don’t really play Crucible, the few times I have I enjoy hearing his enthusiastic cheering and amusement.


Heroes of the Storm has a feature that allows you to pick announcers and some of them are s o l i d. I personally can’t wait to save up enough currency to get Brightwing.

I’m not a huge announcer person, but I felt that the Sydney announcer for Overwatch’s Lúcioball was very good, entertaining, and was distinctive enough from the others that I was thrilled to hear them shout “Defeat”.

i haven’t played D2 yet, but i remember in D1 he would get extremely excited about teamkills and the like too. maybe his “into it <—> REALLY into it” amplitude got shifted more towards the latter in D2? either way shaxx rules

only kind of a multiplayer game, but Rock N’ Roll Racing’s Larry Huffman is one of the all-time greats to me. great lines, great delivery, fits the game’s tone perfectly.

putting the narrator from Bastion in Dota 2 was a really weird idea at first, but they put so much work into it that it kinda raised the bar for good announcer packs. up until then it was just lines for announcing stuff like towers being destroyed or people getting megakills, but with the Bastion guy they recorded hundreds of incidental lines for anything ranging from team compositions to item purchases to what (irl) time of day you were playing at. it was an incredible amount of work. they later tried to recapture the magic with GLaDOS and Stanley Parable announcers, but those are both comedic characters and they immediately get boring the moment you hear the same joke two games in a row.


My favorite part about that announcer’s sounds is that, when they were ripped and thrown into Counter-Strike, they were called “Quake Sounds”. I bet that pissed off Cliffy B.

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