Who Decided to Release All These Good Good Games Before E3?

As time marches inexorably on, the seasons change, and so we must change with them. In the spirit of growth that the summer brings, we are joined by Joel Fowler, Waypoint's former publisher, on his final day at VICE, to say good bye and talk about how awesome Bitterblack Isle from Dragon's Dogma is. Austin's been exploring space and time in Outer Wilds, while Danielle and Patrick have both been exploring space and death in Void Bastards. Cado updates us on the world of Pokémon (turns out it's full of shirts and sleep apps). We talk Mario Maker, Call of Duty, Death Stranding, and take two breaks. This episode is huge honestly, it's almost as if companies are getting a bunch of news out in anticipation of something!

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Downloaded. Hype for a good long listen over the weekend.

I am especially excited to listen to a discussion of Bitterblack Isle. I just beat Grigori and have been Everfalling and Ur-Dragoning so I am pretty stoked to BBI. When I played DDDA back in 2013 I never actually spent any time there. Love me some Dragon’s Dogma talk.

Love to see the title Double Break Pod and know I’m in for a good meaty Friday episode.

Also, shout out to Joel. I know we’ll miss you being around, even if it was in the background most of the time! You brought some real joy to the team, especially back in the days of Hot Mic Mornings. I wish you luck in your move, and to your new job, thanks Joel!


We’ll miss you, Joel “Rockin Out” Fowler.


Finally caught this cast. Outer wilds and void bastards bother make me wish I had a good pc or a Xbox. These guys honestly went way easier on call of duty than I thought they would.

I think the only thing that has me coming back to CoD every other release is that it’s always had a straight forward deathmatch which is something I need every other year.

No objectives, no team mates, just load into a match do some mindless shooting and hop off. There’s something satisfying about having a basic game like that to play every once in awhile.

Same for the zombies mode in Black Ops, sometimes I just want to play an endless horde mode. Last games was actually really nice because I could play with decent AI and their progression system they added that was similar to Killing Floor was completely optional. I wish more developers would realize giving people the ability to turn on and off or adjust mechanics is nothing but good in single player and small private group games.

Now begins the process of truly blacking out on Death Stranding. I didn’t even listen to the last 30 minutes. Deleted the episode as soon as I heard the name.

Hey, it is important to be clear about the activity tracker/insurance company relationship. Fitbit, and no known activity tracker company, has sold your or anyone’s data in order to raise health insurance premiums. That has not happened.

This is a seriously conflated series of facts, all of which amount to something very different. You can, in specific, clearly consensual cases, get an activity tracker through your insurance provider who has partnered with an activity tracker company (for example, Fitbit), who will then lower your premiums for having it, and in some cases, will also give you a discount for having ‘good’ data.

There is no situation in which they punish you for having ‘bad’ data. That has not been reported, and I firmly believe that if it happened it would be reported, and we would fuckin hear about it.

I am just as cynical about the notion of underwriting insurance with your personal activity data, and the gamification of health is weirdly sad and inhumane. That said, it does us no good to say that which we fear will happen is already happening. It is safe to say that the Pokemon Sleep app will not sell your data to insurance companies without your knowledge, and will not hike your premiums for sleeping like shit.


This sounds like a semantic difference rather than any sort of actual one. You ARE effectively punished for not having a fitbit or for having bad data, it’s just not presented that way.

Same psychological trick WOW used with the rest exp system. When it was a penalty for playing too long, players hated it, when the reversed the presentation so it was a bonus for being logged out, despite not changing how things worked at all, it was lauded.


Okay, I see what you mean. That said, the points remain the same. Cado and Patrick and Austin are wrong about the facts around activity trackers and insurance. They repeatedly said Fitbit has sold your data to health insurance companies to hike your premiums, and assumed the same would happen with the Pokemon Sleep app. That is incorrect.

I was listening to the podcast this morning and Austin mentioned that CoD didn’t have full cross play, that it was PC->Xbox and PC->PS4 but not Xbox->PS4. The rest of the internet appears to be saying it has full cross play. Anybody know the actual cross play situation on this one?