Who did you choose to kill in a video game where you don't have to kill anyone?


I’m a huge fan of games that can be completed without killing anyone like Dishonored or Deus Ex and I usually play these games as non-lethally as possible but there have been a few times I felt compelled to kill a single character for various reasons.
What has been your experience and what characters did you kill because you wanted to not because you had to?


In Deux Ex: Human Revolution I couldn’t abide the death of the Pilot lady(I’m bad at names), so I dumped all my lethal ammo with a tricked out assault rifle I’d been saving for basically that exact kind of situation.

And in the new Prey I didn’t exactly make an effort to stop the imposter cook from turning himself into Meat Cubes.


Dragon Age II spoilers:

I don’t know if I had to, but I killed the fuck out of Anders. I felt the need to stab that dude on the steps for political reasons.

I was very confident in my decision.


I almost universally try to avoid deaths when I have the option, but my decision to switch it up usually comes down to the game putting me in a desperate situation where I feel like I have to (which not all of them do). I never came up to that point with Dishonoured, although the temptation to just do it definitely arose.


After I decided to ignore the dumb morality system that put me off Dishonored I made a point of having brief moments of Awesome Murder™, usually against particularly grim assholes and usually with My Stand, The World, AKA the best power in Dishonored that was basically the only one I ever needed.

My fave was in the party, when you end up taking a pistol duel in some guy’s place. I The World-ed, plucked the bullet out of the air, loaded it into my pistol(had no ammo) and fired at the back of his head. Then I walked away like a badass while his mates acted very confused.


I kill most things in Mario games, even though I think killing is optional in most of them.


I always unload everything on Manderlay in the original Deus Ex.


I played a peaceful run of Dishonored, except for Granny Rags who, for some reason, went aggro on me and I couldn’t leave without killing? I don’t remember the exact details but I let literally everyone except the poor grandma who I had to kill to progress.


I just killed Dijkstra in Witcher 3 to avoid him being an asshole, I also killed Keira over a misunderstanding. I liked both of those characters and it kinda bums me out.
In Dishonered 2 I had an almost perfect no kill run. I blew it when I knocked out a guard and he fell into a spring razor trap he’d been setting. I let it slid because it was kinda hilarious.


I mean he literally brought on himself so just desserts right?


My mom played through witcher 3 and put like 120 hours in to it. When I told her you didn’t have to kill Keira, she restarted and put another 120ish hours in to the game.


I killed the evil lady in Dishonored because the “non-lethal” alternative was giving her to some creep as a non-consensual bride/slave.


I played MGSV stealthily and non-lethally right until somebody tried to hurt D-Dog.


In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I would take the little gremlin/elf things and toss them into the furnaces in the basement areas.


I don’t even think I realized killing Keira was an option.

I was actually kind of sad I didn’t have the chance to romance her well, romance her any more


That choice was my single mulligan in that game. I couldn’t stomach it and reloaded my save.


I definitely killed way more of the targets in Dishonored than I wanted to because I could not stomach the “merciful” route.

In general like. I have this weird thing where if I kill one enemy in a level I have to kill them all? Or it just doesn’t seem fair yknow? So there are like, levels in Alpha Protocol where you can get a sniper rifle. And it’s really useful so I wanna use it. But it’s always lethal. So, everyone on that level gonna die.



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I think I killed granny rags before in dishonored and ruined a clean hands run because of it, but at that point i was so tired of the flooded district i literally wanted every single person in my way to eat it. (which I guess that means that area is working as intended?)


What if at the beginning you could choose either Hau or Ya Boi Guzma as your companion and then you and Guzma beat Hau at Pokémon while eating malasada in front of him?

Do you think we’ll get that option in Ultra Sun/Moon?