Who else out here hanging with the bubbadook this halloween


its October 31st, and you know what the means. tricks and treats, witches boil and bubbling their brews, skeletons be out here not in the skin, and the presumed dead come back to life to walk the earth

thats right im talkin bout the bubbadook, bobby mcbubz, bubbles, the bubster, that tall glass of buba tea, the b-man, bubs, bubarubdub in the tub, bubbie, bubu the fool who didnt go to school, bubbins, the millenial bobcat goldthwait, bubswell, vitamin bub-c, wolverine’s favorite word, bubberino, that bubblehead doll, bubsky and hutch, the proverbial bubs bunny, bubble bob(cat)ble, mr. the bobcat, bubb rubb


i have the game installing right now cos i love platformers and hate myself, whomst else??? lets talk about it


A platformer coming out right after Mario Odyssey, based off a franchise that a group of maybe 30 people fondly remember (myself included)?

What could possibly go wrong?


Hey, whatever blows your hair back.


Please let me know how this game is. Thanks for biting the bubs-et. I don’t think I’m going to hear about it any other way.


if this game doesn’t have a scene of bubsy confessing his love for gex then gaming is shit forever


Real talk, someone working at Crystal Dynamics once told me they had pitched and almost gotten greenlit a game containing all of the forgotten B-tier platforming mascots like Bubsy, Gex, Aero the Acro-Bat, Radical Rex, etc. That would be way better than this.


The Reviews Are In

Played the first world, its basically a third Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams game except the level design isnt as good and Bubsys there making Game of Thrones jokes. Its totally fine but not anything more, which i guess makes it the best Bubsy by default.


what could possibly go wrong?


this game ends with a THREAT


“It’s (good recent game) but kinda worse? And the jokes are weird?” is at least consistent with the Bubsy heritage.



Just last night, I was watching an episode of Game Informer Super Replay in which Dan says that the Bubsy 16-bit games were “No Mario, but playable”.


Calling Bubsy playable is like calling sea water drinkable