Who is Gilm and why are we giving him awards?


I don’t see why lil ol me is expected to give my two sense about this Austrian lawyer I’ve never heard of before. Why are we talking about Mr. Gilm? Why does he deserve all these commendations? why is this expected of me my friends?


Ludvig Gilm was the inventor of TNT and owned a large manor in Baku (modern day Azerbaijan)


ummmmmmmm prove it


From Wikipedia:

Hermann von Gilm, or Hermann Gilm von Rosenegg (1 November 1812 – 31 May 1864) was an Austrian lawyer and poet.

Born in Innsbruck, he studied law there. He worked from 1840 as a public official in Schwaz, Bruneck and Rovereto. From 1846 he worked in Vienna.

Richard Strauss set several of his Sophienlieder to music. Von Gilm died in Linz.

Look at those haunted eyes.


Ummmm excuse me Sir Gilman deserves ALL of the awards.