Who is heading to PAX East 2019 and shall we try and be social?

My name is Matt Mitchell (MattMitchell45 on the Discord) and I am heading to PAX East this Thursday (as I do every year). One positive aspect of conventions like this the chance for community members to get a chance to meet each other in the #meatspace. For a community as supportive and amazing and pleasant to interact with online as Waypoint, this is very exciting and could just happen randomly as we pass each other in the convention halls. But with a Waypoint Radio panel stacked like so many loaded nachos, there is at least a guaranteed 45-90 mins Saturday evening where 100s of us Gamers Ready to Rise Up will be packed in together in line.

That being said, I would love to have a forum space for folks attending PAX to introduce themselves, talk about events/games they plan to see, ask questions, and possible recruit some new friends to demo something. More ambitiously, I would love to try schedule a Waypoint member meet up for drinks, dinner, chit-chat, tabletop, etc. After the Saturday panel would probably be the easiest time to do so, but I will try to support any meet up plan that works. I knew I have personally benefited from getting to know fellow wonderful Waypoint fans and I’m sure you will too. Regardless, here is a space to chat and coordinate and I look forward to getting to meet some of you this weekend.

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This is a super cool idea – I’m across a big ol’ ocean and not planning to skip across it for PAX, but this would be a cool idea and would love it if folks could get together. I think there’s been a couple of informal Discord-organised meetup events and they’ve always seemed like a blast.

If any photos are taken, do make sure a) you know who is included, b) they consent to being included, c) you have their contact info if you’re planning to share the photos, and d) that they can request them be kept private if they don’t feel comfortable with their face on the Internet in that kind of capacity.

I’m sure folks have other meetup tips they’d like to share as well as organising for this one.

Absolutely, making sure to respect people’s privacy in regards to photos and in general is very important. Respect and consent is an important part of what makes Waypoint such a welcoming site. While PAX East still working to build a more inclusive environment in its halls, I believe that we are capable of embodying the best behavior toward our fellow attendies.

*Additionally, I might share a bit more information about myself and my PAX plans then you would feel comfortable posting about yourself. Feel free to chat here with any level of anonymity or public-ness you feel okay about.

I’m going to be at PAX Fri-Sun. Unsure about Friday, but absolutely planning to attend the Brian David Gilbert and Waypoint panels Saturday afternoon. I grew up in MA and have been to every PAX East, so I can generally answer Boston questions and totally answer con questions. This is what I look like. Come up to me and ask questions or say hi or don’t. I’m planning to bring nametags and crafting supplies to the Waypoint Radio panel queue line.

Packing right now for my flight in… a few hours? (Oh jeez, I really should have gotten this done sooner). This’ll be my first PAX after having been meaning to go for years but been unable to for a variety of reasons. Really excited! Unfortunately, Saturday passes were already sold out when I got my tickets, so I’ll be missing the Waypoint panel. Heart breaking that I won’t be there for the Mark of Mastery exams, but it is what it is.

If you pass anyone in the halls that looks really happy to be there on Thursday or Friday, there is a non-zero chance that that person is me.

I will be there on Saturday! Happy to chat with folks before/after the Waypoint panel. This is my first time attending even though I’ve lived in the area for the past 4+ years. I’ll be there with a fellow Waypointer who doesn’t post to the forum but is no less enthusiastic.

@mattmitchell45 Nametags are a great idea :3

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I won’t be attending PAX but I’ve lived in MA my entire life and have worked in the Boston area for the last 11+ years and would also be glad to answer any questions or provide any tips for those that are visiting the area

So we’re meeting up at Console Freeplay after the Waypoint Radio Panel today! Come hang out!

Kind of unrelated, but has anyone ever been to the Boston Festival of Indie Games? My favorite part of PAX is definitely the indie mega (and mini) booth, and FIG seems a bit more that speed, but also more tabletop-centric.
Also Museum of Simulation Technology (which Patrick wrote about QUITE a while ago) is in the megabooth and I’d highly recommend it!


Won’t be making it to PAX for various reasons, but assuming it’s ok I will shamelessly plug a friend’s project there.

A buddy of mine is running games of Goblinville, tabletop RPG he co-created, at PAX this year over at the Games on Demand booth as well as the Knight Moves Indie Game Cafe. I’ve never met his co-creater Eric, but Mike has been running tabletop games for years and has DM’ed various games at a bunch of PAXes including PAX unplugged the past two years. He’s very excited to be bringing his first game and having people play it, so if you’re interested I know he’d be thrilled to have people come by.

You can find out more about the game in general here:

Goblinville Gazette

I didn’t want to plug the kickstarter while it was ongoing for obvious reasons, but hopefully now that it’s over and funded this is alright. If this is against the guidelines and I missed that, I apologize


Ah I was there today but didn’t go to the meetup. Did folks go? I would’ve liked to, I’m not terribly active on here but everyone is always very sweet. I live in Western Mass., if some get-together happens again I’d be there. Within driving distance I mean.
I’ll also check out the Boston Festival of Indie Games, I’ve never heard of that~

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I’m living in Sturbridge currently

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Neat, I’ll have to check out the Boston Festival of Indie Games!

I also recommend events by the Boston chapter of Playcrafting. Great way to meet local indie devs, play games (videogames and tabletop), and meet people in a smaller setting. Their Winter Play Expo was a lot of fun!


Having gone to Boston FIG every year I lived in the city, I can endorse going. It’s fun and the scene is small but welcoming!

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