Who is in the "Giant Bomb vs Waypoint" fighting game and what is their moveset?


We already know Iron Galaxies is announcing this hot new title at E3 this year thanks to that leak of the debug build on Tuesday but I haven’t yet heard if people have managed to datamine out any of the characters yet and what their movesets are. Anyone got any info on this?


Both staffs are small enough to enclude the entirity of both I think.

Tim Barnes would be a guest character for Waypoint.

Gerstmann and Austin would be our Ryu/Ken equivailents, though maybe they play a litle like Honda (they’re both bigger dudes, and I think Jeff Gerstmann has mentioned being a Honda player in SF2)

I think that Danielle would be a quick, punch heavy character, similar to Vega, and Rob would be a grappeler.


I think this is a hard question to answer because all of moves from the Waypoint staff would be some weird indescribable anime fighter shit.


Vinny would be the keep away/charge character, but every single one of his moves would be a dad joke

Dan would be a grappler, but thats all he could do. grab and use lots of well known wrestling moves


I mean… put Dan in a pink gi and you can call it a day.


Patrick has 17 discreet and unique meters, and proper balance of all of them is essential for high level play.


We know dokes like this are made in good faith, but we’re making a point of not providing a platform that enables treating real people as if they’re fictional characters.

When we pretend internet personalities are characters in a video game, start discussion about an outlet’s prospective hires or invite direct comparison between peers, we’re overlooking them being real people with agency.