Who is your favorite character in Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors


Bonus points if you pick Lu Bu, Cao Ren or Zhang Liao.
If you say Zhang Fei you have to leave. Those are the rules, sorry.


OH man, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve played any Dynasty/Samurai Warrior games, but I remember loving Ina because of her weapon. Growing up I always thought archery was rad as hell and she was so fun to play.

And yeah, Lu Bu kicks so much butt.


Is it possible for Lu Bu to not be the best?


Ma Chao and Guan Yu will live forever in my heart.

In SW, I was a big fan of Hattori Hanzo and Maeda Keiji. Those big sweeps bring ruination.


That girl with the kendama in that Samurai Warriors game I played on Xbox once for 2 minutes.


Ina is great, one of the interesting things about DW is the way they frame up Taishi Ci as this big dude with stone clubs but he was actually renowned for his insane archery skill with a long bow. He put them guns to work taking folks out from incredibly distances.


Post-death, but otherwise no.


Love the entire Maeda clan and Hattori Hanzo(though I prefer Kotaro Fuma)


I dunno, that brief period where they changed his weapon felt so wrong to me.


I like Ginchiyo Tachibana a lot, that sword is just too cool.


To which one, the dual spear crossblade thing?


I also love Ginchiyo and appreciate that she’s in the game in lieu of her Husband.


I think I’ve got to many favourites but out of the many sleep over coop dynasty warriors fest it was settled that my cousin was a Wei boy with Xiahou Dun, my brother as Shu lord with Guan Yu,and I as Wu with Zhou Yu.

Lots of characters I liked tho


whoever the old man with the giant hammer was


I’ll give you one per faction, as of Dynasty Warriors 8: (Because that’s honestly the way to do it)
Wei - Pretty hard choice but if I HAD to pick one then Xiahou Yuan
Wu - I dunno, probably like Lu Meng? I like them as a faction but I’m not really a fan of any specific character so much.
Shu - It’s gotta be Guan Yu. Like not even a contest.
Jin - Wang Yuanji if only because she’s probably the most likable character.
Other - The only true choice, Lu Bu .


Ever since picking up Dynasty Warriors 3 Xiahou Dun has been one of my favorite characters in the series. How can you not like a guy with a cool eyepatch. I can’t remember which DW this was but I vividly remember a cutscene where he pulls out an arrow from his eye. Then he just shrugs it off to go finish the fight.


Giant Hammer from Samurai Warriors or Giant Hammer™ from Dynasty Warriors?


They built humans tougher back then


Its Lu Bu

Do not pursue Lu Bu.


I always loved playing Zhou Tai. I also really liked how Cao Pi always went “My name is Cao Pi”.