Who is your favorite musical artist of all time?


For me, it HAS to be LCD Soundsystem, hands down.

How about y’all?


I vacillate between The Dear Hunter and Coheed and Cambria depending on what day it is. Been that way for a little over a decade now.


It’s probably Tom Waits, when I really sit down and think about it. He’s by far the best songwriter I have ever heard and his discography is so unique and has such great variety that there really is something for you regardless of your mood.


probably still The Dismemberment Plan but i have a ton of artists that all feel as significant to me (Braid, Jeff Rosenstock, Le1f, OutKast)


I’ve been all over the map with this, but the ones I keep coming back to are -

Carissa’s Wierd
Fear Before the March of Flames
Motion City Soundtrack
Dir en grey

They always end up being the most standout for me and elicit the greatest emotional reaction, so that must mean something. Plus, they’ve kind of “grown with me” in my life/as my tastes have changed.


As far as like, individual artists go, probably Nick Cave.


I bounce between King Crimson and Kendrick Lamar.


Kate Bush. Next question.




Just based on pure tears-to-song ratio, Sufjan Stevens



There are a few that I come back to over and over again, even if it’s only for one album. I admit that it’s kind of a weird list, especially since the only genre I listen to regularly is alternative rock.

Caravan Palace


Nickel Creek


it’s gotta be They Might Be Giants.


Jason Pierce / J. Spaceman, whether as Spiritualized or back in the Spacemen 3 days or his various weird collaborations along the way.

Something I really look forwards to in life: every few years I get a new (better!) set of hearing aids and subsequently get to go back and listen to music again and hear so much more of it.

On that basis, I’d also have to nominate the Beach Boys, for the simple reason that I’ve been listening to them my entire life and have some strong sense memories of listening with new kit and noticing, in songs I know very well, new layers of the audio onion.


Caravan Palace is such a fun band. Not something I listen to often, but something I could listen to at just about any given moment.


Passion Pit. Helped me through some tough times.



I’m not sure I’m even joking. They were a gateway to so much more. And I can still listen to them after a decade. That qualifies, right?


Probably Spoon. They’ve been around for a while now and are easily the most consistent band I keep up with. Their albums are never groundbreaking masterpieces, but I don’t need them to be. They’ve perfected a brand of indie rock that I always come back to.


Josh Ritter, man.