Who is your person of the year?


The recent “discussion” had me thinking, who would I vote as person of the year?

It seems only fair that I ask all of you for your answers, who is your person of the year? Whether someone you personally know or someone famous you look up to, avoid your person of 2017?


on account of: I’m great


I found out today that a local lady recently passed away and she had been the foster carer for 90 children. So her. Maybe this year and every year. I am gobsmacked just thinking about it.


She’s not exactly a person, but my sentient being of the year is my cat Wendy. In a year when I’m just about done with humanity, at least I have my little fur baby to snuggle up and feel like everything isn’t shit.


Me. I need any kind of reward for getting through this shit year.


At this point? Robert Mueller.


Austin “Crowbar” Walker


Abbey Abby Russell from Brooklyn.

Edit: Whoops


It truly is a lovely Anglican church they have!


Ta-Nehisi Coates, probably. I’m still thinking about points brought up in We were Eight Years in Power.
Also his response to depressingly ubiquitous “white person asking why they can’t use the n-word” question:

His analogies aren’t perfect but come close enough to nail it, obviously he put a lot of thought to come up with something that wasn’t threatening and universally relatible but still rang true.


Literally anyone who was even remotely kind to me in 2017,

You. You are my person(s) of the year.


Kinda shocked to see it’s Danny Devito for the 73rd year in a row but hey I don’t make the rules


Kyle. Kyle had a pretty good year this time around. Congrats Kyle.


The homey that deleted Trump’s Twitter account for those 11 beautiful minutes.


And a big round of applause for the Shang Dynasty’s own Lady Fu Hao in an upset choice for person of the year! It looks like casting all those oracle bones finally payed off for this Bronze Age consort, priestess, and chief general of the early Chinese court.


Bad news: https://www.avclub.com/goddamn-it-we-cant-even-have-that-trump-twitter-deleti-1820893075


The Milkshake Duck is undoubtedly the most important individual of the year.


Even the milkshake duck guy milkshake ducked himself so yeah that sounds about right


milkshake duck guy lost me when it turned out that he hated We Rate Dogs


The Woke Gamer. Duh.