Who is your sonic original character (OC)


Sonic the Hedgehog is an extremely fast mammal of the Erinaceidae family but this thread isn’t about him.

It’s about you.

Please share your Sonic Original Character (SOC) here.


Finally, someone brave enough to ask the real questions!

Chaz the Muskrat is an incredibly fast swimmer with an interest in coastal botany and sustainable architecture.


Vegeta the hedgehog is better at linking images than I am.



I was thinking like a knuckles guy but green, like a gruckles, probably


Cello why

why would you do this


Lu Bu the Shitposthog


Is it a joke and/or a doke if I actually had one


These are different forums, Fearghaill

They need different Capital C Content


His name is Daniel, the Squirrel. He’s shy, a little bit clumsy and had serious insecurity issues. He’s a lot like me, except for some reason, all the female Sonic characters really want to fuck him.

Yes, my name is Daniel.


I think his name was like… Sparky? He was a green hedgehog who had a motorcycle and played the guitar


Get back at me when you start talking about that real shit;

Bubsy Original Characters, or BOCs.

Filthy casuals.


probably one like that alligator guy. unless. can the bird ones fly? because if so I would like to be one of them.



They’re a fast talking penguin who loves museums, bowling, and scotch.


The current direction the thread is going is the preferred one. We would like to avoid a thread that turns into a google image search fest with lots of unsourced art and mockery of artists as the Sonic OC game tends to go.


My tastes have changed since I made Scipio the Hedgebat, who was a sprite edit of sonic and shadow mashed up, colored a green of some sort, and with rouge’s wings, but Scipio the Hedgebat was an important part of my past!

Now my sonic oc would probably be some sort of rabbit who likes flowers and friendship?


Speedo the Hedgehog! He’s even faster than Sonic and loves the beach!


Is contributing our own Sonic OC art okay? Because if so I have access to MS Paint and imagination.


Totally! Just make sure it’s clear it’s your art.


Yeah I mean I definitely had a Sonic OC… several… my favorite was Dash the Fox who was Cool and had a hat and an affinity for throwing up the “peace” sign… i think he skateboarded too…