Who’s in your JRPG party?


can i ask a quick question: what JRPG includes a chronicler as a star party member? this isn’t a JRPG role i consider like one of the main 3 party members.


Andre the Giant, Ella Fitzgerald, Jim Carrey.


None in videogames that I can think of, but theres a Japanese TTRPG thats very influenced by JRPGs called Ryuutama, which asks one player to chronicle the events of the session in character in a journal that is to be kept through the campaign and passed to different characters.

It’s a really awesome little thing and the game is great and thats where I got it from, personally!


Super Song Squad

Freddie Mercury is the wrestler/paladin who dishes out piledrivers and healing hugs

Bjork is the bard/mage who channels chaotic magic from her home dimension

David Bowie is the sonic wizard who lost his voice in a gamble


Final Fantasy Record Keeper stars a librarian that needs to save the records from disappearing. His stats are very bad though and his art sucks so you should never use him.

Valkyria Chronicles 1 has a journalist embedded with the squad and that’s how we end up with the book that chronicles Squad 7’s journey. She’s not a playable character though so I don’t think it counts.

I’ve never played it so I don’t know for sure, but FF XV has that one guy who is a photographer.

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Thanks! It came up on the podcast episode, that’s why i found it so curious.

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I’d go fooooooorrr…

Oscar Wilde, Viola Davis and Chelsea Manning :v:t2:

Then, putput with Jonah Maiava from Tomb Raider, Thor and Rosa Diaz (B99).

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Terry Crews – Powerful and intimidating, with an infectious positive attitude
Annie Clark (St. Vincent) – Eccentric bard, melts the faces of enemies by shredding guitar
Nikola Tesla – Versatile tinkerer, invents new things to support the party

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