Who wants a boxset of Dark Souls Trilogy (PS4) I bought by mistake?


Long story short: An online store didn’t reply to my request to cancel my PayPal transactions and shipped me two boxsets of Dark Souls Trilogy. Since they didn’t reply the first time, less than 30 minutes after I got the receipts, I’m not going to ship them back to the UK and hope I get a refund. I wanted the steelbook with the 3 discs in it, but instead it’s three separate cases in a sleeve. They should work the same for any region of PS4 since there’s no DLC and you’ll get the right patches no matter what. As to why they printed new discs and didn’t include the patches on them, your guess is as good as mine, or maybe even better.

So yeah, they’re both new, though one is unwrapped, and I’m willing to part with them for ~$40 each plus shipping, which is much cheaper than they go for elsewhere and I won’t be out $100+! Another classic win-win.