Who was the Earl of Sandwich? [poll]

The Right Honourable First Lord of the Admiralty and Secretary of State of the Northern Department John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich is credited with the invention of the foodstuff which bears his title—the sandwich.

He was:

  • a hero for all time, within his nation and without
  • an unknowing monster, cursèd be his name
  • fine, the true monster is the creator of this poll
  • a devoted civil servant, despite a life wracked by grief
  • the insensate tool of a brutal Empire
  • a degenerate aristocrat, as we all would be
  • simply human, are not we all complicit?
  • salt beef is a garbage sandwich, john, c’mon

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I think he was also in Odd Future.


I’m curious if people are voting for Degenerate Aristocrat out of a sort of socialist verve our out of a general enthusiasm for the prospect of ourselves perhaps being a degenerate aristocrat. bit of both for me tbh.

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Who was the Earl, and was he a Sandwich

you see the definition of a sandw

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First we need to get to the bottom of a more infamous noble: The Viscount of Burrito.

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It takes a certain kind of man to place meat betwixt bread and unknowingly thrust these forums into a tempest of food based moral integrity, or lack thereof. Also, who wouldn’t be at least a bit of a degenerate in that position? If I could find any excuse not to take supper in the dining hall, I know I would.

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