Who watches the watch--er, moderates the moderators?

So, I hope this is a question with an easy and obvious answer, but I have to ask: Who is moderating the moderators?

To clarify, I mean does this site have proper channels for reporting if a user believes a moderator is abusing their power or acting in bad faith? I ask because I and a number of online friends departed a previous forum community several years ago when it became apparent that one of the senior mods (a community member that had been made a mod at the forum’s inception) was throwing his weight around, intimidating users, and ignoring very real, very blatant harassing behavior. When working as a group, he’d often overrule the other mods because of his seniority and thus it appeared impossible to get an opinion on moderator matters that weren’t largely his own, and the one staff member that oversaw the moderators (when they finally did get a staff member to focus on community matters) was largely ineffectual toward abusive mod behavior.

Waypoint is still a young site with a young forum, and I don’t doubt that the moderators here were picked well. But all the same, I’d feel better knowing that the staff is cognizant of how the moderators operate and have some form of channel available to users in the event that a moderator does use their power to abuse others or willfully turns a blind eye to legitimate issues.

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Hey there!

Just want to make sure I catch the first reply on this. I’m managing our moderators across our forums and Discord - and while I may not be super active in posting topics or replying in threads, I am constantly keeping an eye on threads and channels, looking over mod activity, and am in full communication with mods. If there is ever a complaint about a moderator it can be DM’d to me on here (or on Discord if you’re part of our server) OR e-mailed directly to me at waypoint.community@vice.com (I am the only person with access to that e-mail).

I take these kinds of things very seriously and have been managing moderators for years. I hope this helps!

Also want to note that I check every single notification I get on here (or anywhere else) right away because usually people don’t @ me if it isn’t important :slight_smile: not to say I don’t enjoy being @'d in topics I’m part of of convos I might like! But yeah - I’m on top of stuff and overseeing all things Waypoint community.


It does help, thank you!

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Doing a swell job Danika!!

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Is there some sort of moderator Thunderdome?

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Nah. we’ve gone beyond that.