Who watches the Watchmen? I guess it’s us!

So I was thinking more about episode 8, and I don’t get Angela’s distress about inadvertently putting Will Reeves on Judd’s tail. That absolutely wasn’t the prime event setting the series in motion, but rather it was the White Night, when Jon revealed his identity by saving Angela. Presumably that was when the Seventh Kavalry and Senator Keene put their plan in motion to steal Dr Manhattan’s powers. In which case, we now know Judd was involved, or at least knew about the Kavalry’s actions during the White Night, so what’s there to feel bad about? Judd was a two-faced racist at worst, or a two-faced “moderate white” at best. I think Angela’s in the clear here, but perhaps there’s something I’m missing.

I mean, that presupposes you and her have the same overview of events, which might not be the case.

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Fair point, so let’s consider what Angela could reasonably know:

  1. Will Reeves, possibly in conjunction with Lady Trieu, likely was responsible in some way for killing Judd Crawford.
  2. Judd Crawford has a prominent display for white supremacist robes in his bedroom, indicating at least some sympathy for said ideology.
  3. Angela knows that Cal used his powers during the White Night to save her, and with that came the risk that his true identity was discovered.
  4. Trieu told Angela about the Seventh Kavalry plot to take Carl’s powers, and that she knows he’s in Tulsa by way of Will Reeves.
  5. Cal tells Angela he spoke with Will before getting Adrian’s implant put in.

Surmising all that, Angela would at least be able to deduce that what Trieu told her was accurate, and she can then guess that the 7K plot was hatched on the White Night when Carl’s identity was revealed. But the Kavalry goons all died during the 7K home invasion. And the person she sees when she wakes up later that night is Judd Crawford. Hence, he’s likely a bad guy, or at least compromised enough that his killing would feel justified.

Admittedly some of these connections aren’t immediately obvious, but Angela’s a detective. I feel like she’s up to the task of putting the pieces together.