Who Will Be The Next Major Franchise Character to Dab?


With the confirmation from Eurogamer.net that ‘Yes, Luigi really does dab in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ (fair warning: the audio on the video they link is rough), I think we have to start asking important questions about the future of video games. Who will be the next major franchise character to dab?

My money’s on Tracer.


Whoever the protagonist of Watch_Dogs 3 ends up being. I can’t recall if Marcus could dab in 2.


If be shocked if no one dabs in…uh…what was that Cliffy game?


I don’t know if LawBreakers has emotes, but I definitely accept this as a potential reason to implement them if they haven’t yet.


Lawbreakers? From what I played of the beta it doesn’t seem you’d ever have time to pull off a dab. But maybe!


I imagine the next Persona game will have a dab reference if Japan is into the dab.


Sonic will almost certainly Dab in Forces. I’d stop short of putting money on it, but I’d say it’s a pretty solid bet if you were a betting type.


Your character in Destiny 2, if you bang up the silver.


so, my character in Destiny 2 heh


main character of persona 5, as an act of rebellion against his cat, will dab after his bedtime


I bet somebody dabs in Psychonauts 2. Maybe even a dedicated button like Iron Brigade’s salute.

I’m also sighing deeply at the existence of this thread. Has the dab somehow come back around or are games just slow to react to trends because of dev cycles?


I hope the Warrior of Light can do that in FF14 one day so I can finally dab to the max in the middle of a conversation or a fight until I get kicked out from any social group and branded as an outcast

Somehow I missed this, guess I need to start packing


I want the Titans in Titanfall 2 to dab while they’re dropping in.


Tracer definitely dabs. Her & Winston both absolutely dab together. Soldier 76 did it once when nobody was looking.


i think it’s definitely got an inherent level of irony to it now so yeah i guess this would be the time in its life cycle for nerds to latch on to it


Giant Bomb’s incessant joking about dabbing and fidget spinners during E3 actually made me feel like a young person again for the first time in a while; watching these old-ass things get played up so hard was pretty surreal.


Hopefully, my OC in Sonic Forces.


Unscientifically speaking, I think the E3 coverage of certain websites (VICE-affiliated or otherwise) might have encouraged a renaissance of the dab (at least in the micro-space that is games).


Scientifically speaking, I think the forum coverage of certain robowitches (VICE-affiliated or otherwise) is definitely encouraging further awareness of the dab (at least in the micro-space that is here).


The new God of War ends with Kratos’s son dabbing as his father gets devoured by Nidhogg