Who Would Win: Austin vs. Patrick (Austin Crushes It)

  • Austin
  • Patrick

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Just a classic, bareknuckles, no-holds-barred, one-on-one throwdown.

No pocket sand, no crotch shots, no shoes, no shirts.


My money is on Patrick, for the record


I watched Patrick stream Yakuza 0. He recoiled at the sight of boobs.

Austin would win, no question.


I don’t want them to fight I want them to be friends.


Austin. Always take size in fight hypotheticals. Patrick is tiny.


Tommy, please, call off the match!


Friendships must be tested, from time to time. Think of it like the part in an anime where the main character fights his rival who becomes his friend later.


Whoever wins, we lose.


Yeh of course you started this tommy


I’m both going to abstain and keep an eye on the vote…


I really hate this…

But dusty finish clearly so we can have a rematch


Lebron Games, aka Earn Cheese Sanders aka you get it.


Patrick is tricky, but let’s be real.

How much of friends should Patrick and Austin be?

the boys don’t fight
make love not war


Professah Killah don’t take no prisoners.


Austin has reach but Patrick has flexibility.


Patrick’s got the fire to win, he’ll pull it out when the chips are down.


For those of you that are appalled by the idea of Waypoint fighting, please visit this thread and vote on your preferred amount of Waypoint friendship.



You’re a good soul ;-;


I think Patrick is probably part berserker and will lose control in a fight