Who Would Win: Griffin McElroy vs. Nick Robinson (Griffin Outplays!)

Welcome back to yet another round of Who. Would. Win.

  • Griffin “Eater of Worlds” McElroy
  • Nick “Anime” Robinson

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Today’s battle is once again between fierce friends. Essentially a married couple, Griffin and Nick have been known as founding many video game successes through their Cool Games, Inc. enterprise. The duo have also explored the laws of the universe and morality as the Car Boys. But what if they were to come to blows

In a game of checkers.
No moves that would result in a draw allowed.

I ask you, the waypoint forum, who would win?
Your answers will decide who lives and who dies (metaphorically)

Think long and hard, and assert your arguments below.

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I choose to believe that they would DBZ style fuse into Griffick McInson.


you can’t play checkers against yourself that would be silly


Uncle Buck vs. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


Playing checkers against yourself is a 100% Win 100% Loss ratio. The perfect symmetry of which could perhaps save our universe from existential terror like the blob. If anything I’m for it and all I have to say is:



I feel like some of Griffin’s plot choices in Adventure Zone have proven he’s capable of a brutality Nick can only dream of.


I like checkers as much as anyone, but I don’t know that its possibility space allows for brutalizing your opponent.

One of its few critical flaws, if you ask me.


I love Griffin, but he only just got into television a year ago while Nick Robinson has been moonlighting as an actor for years and is so dedicated to his craft and becoming another person he even wears a rubber mask while doing it. His work on Melissa & Joey is some of his best material


Griffin would unhinge his jaw and swallow Nick whole.

And even if Nick won, I think Justin and Travis would be honor-bound to avenge him.

So it’s really a lose-lose situation.

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A little known fact is that Griffin McElroy is an actual griffin, and as such I’m pretty sure he could win very easily. I was going to make a joke about mouth feel but decided that was too much.

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I had to flip a coin for this, it seems like either (or both!) could have a secret wealth of knowledge or complete lack of experience with the game.

Mod here: just a reminder that while it’s fun to be fans of internet personalities/content creators that they are still people and joke threads or threads speculating about their lives or talking about them in a fantasy football/real person fanfic sort of way falls just over the line in terms of what is appropriate, especially since they are still people and we should respect them as such.

This is something that’s becoming a daily occurrence and we’d like to stress this point to people that this is not really okay.


I love both. I voted for Griffin, but I think it comes down to very specific flavor preferences, and I absolutely adore them together.

Car boys is fantastic, and it would be so much worse if it was two Griffins playing together, OR two Nick’s playing together.

I reject the very premise of this thread.

I mean

I was just asking who would win at checkers





I have to disagree on this. Maybe this is a larger topic than this thread, but the more simple nature of checkers’ rules means that it is absolutely more of a mind game. It’s like connect four- if your opponent is paying attention and considering all possible moves then it’s a hard game to win, but if you can distract your opponent well enough, you can set up a multi-jump combo move that essentially takes them out of the game in one fell swoop.

I feel Griffin would probably excel at this.

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i would personally destroy nick robinson before he laid a finger on griffin

i don’t care if this breaks the rules it’s the truth

Strong and well-written argument, but I think we differ on what constitutes “brutal”.

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Wouldn’t that affect his ability to move checker pieces around thou? Claws are not very good at holding onto checker pieces.

Source: I own a griffin. it’s a plush though.

However, as seen in Car Boys Nick repeatedly stares and sometimes even relishes in the face of the devil & other unworldly creatures such as The Blob while Griffin is always terrified. When Nietzsche talks about the abyss it is easy to assume he is referring to Griffin when in truth it is Nick who is staring back.