Who would you love to see working at Waypoint?


just curious to know who you think would be great additions to the waypoint team.

i used to read polygon until waypoint launched and one of their reporters Allegra Frank is really good, and i would enjoy seeing her writing here. another polygon alum is Tracy Lien, however she doesn’t write about games anymore as far as i can tell. Gita Jackson of kotaku is also really good.

beyond them Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger whose work i’ve followed since the verge launched in 2011, are my biggest wish additions to waypoint. both currently work at the outline, and BY FUCKING FAR produce the best videos on the internet. seeing them bring their genius to games journalism is all i want.

who would you pick?


While I don’t want to speculate about the lives or work of the journalists I follow and read, I think Gita Jackson might be an interesting fit.

I think what’s so special about Waypoint is that the crew feels fresh. They’re disparate from one another such that there is always a special and constructive friction between them. Not an antagonistic friction, but one that spurs great conversation.


I would like everything done in everyone’s power to see Danny DeVito



We appreciate the passion the community has for Waypoint, but speculative threads made about potential hires often strip real human beings of their agency. As such we are going to close this thread.