Who your patronus?


Hey Waypointers

I’m in love with Mimikyu, from the heartbreaking backstory to the handcraft design, there a lot to fall for this little bud. In a way I see myself in this character from the feeling of being alone, working hard to get people’s attention, and a bit of Tim Burton cuteness. Mimikyu is my patronus.

So who’s your patronus? Who that character, person, or otherworldly being that is your other self?
Pic of me btw

Edit: Originally I was using spirit animal but found out thanks to @VulpesAbsurda that it was not cool so looking around a bit patronus fits a lot better.


Worth noting that spirit animal is considered to be offensive to at the very least native American cultures so another wording for this might be a good idea. Sadly I’m not sure what the proper alternatives are myself


Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes you don’t realize the things you say or do have negative impact on groups.


I’d say maybe a harbour porpoise; an animal so unable to deal with being around humans that the stress of it will cause it to have a heart attack and die within 5 minutes.


I can’t say for sure, but I’d like to believe it’d be a beaver. I aspire to be like them, and everyone should aspire to be like them too! Okay, that sounds silly but hear me out.

The idea of the beaver seems absolutely silly when thought about broadly. I mean, it’s a rodent like thing that aspired to live over the water, that’s ridiculous! And just glancing at it, it’s easy to think “how would that ever build a home over a river” but upon closer look, you can see the truth. It’s teeth, they’re strong and can help it cut trees. It’s tail, sure it’s silly looking but it allows the beaver to swim and stand as well. While initially it might look sort of goofy, upon closer inspection it has everything it needs to fulfill it’s goal to make its home over the water.

But yeah, I aspire to be like the beaver, maybe my goals and dreams seen silly. But I hope I can build up the things I need to succeed at the things I set out to do!


Not sure if I’m doing this right, but I think buzzards are the coolest. They seem to hang out in a gang and they are considerate enough to announce that they found something of interest to their compatriots by chilling in the air doing donuts in the sky. As far as I know, they don’t kill stuff even though they enjoy meat and I imagine they appreciate the corpse in a way respectful to the dead. I like that they seem relentlessly hopeful that something will die. That seems really healthy to me.
I hope that when I die, my body won’t be found before a party of buzzards eat my corpse. BUT I WON"T BE AROUND TO CARE SO IT’S WHATEVS!


Mine is definitely a blue whale

Cause they have that good baleen

Nah mean?


Yo my dude i loves whales so much I literally cry, stay [whale noises] my man


Bart, the character from Matt Groening’s popular animated show The Simpsons, represents me pretty well


To hear my friends tell it, behind me is the spectre of my disappointment. An endless pitch black void that devours youthful vigor and spits poison and bile from it’s infinite gritting mouths, chewing on the bones of those who would attempt to bullshit optimism or holistic medicine around me… So that’s fun. I’m upbeat.


Sounds more like a Dementor.


I hope they put you in the bad jail for exposing my pure eyes to this.


he’s just like bart!


My favorite replacement phrase for Spirit Animal (did a little looking a few months ago for a replacement phrase) is ‘remote life coach’ and I’m struggling to think of one that really feels right.

Maybe otters? Otters are pretty cool and seem like they’re having a good time when they swim upsidedown. But I feel like a remote life coach should be something that’s like “ah yeah, that, 100%”


That sounds upbeat


I love this term!

I can’t help but imagine a call center in a spirit like world where the animals/people working there call in to different peoples subconsciousness in our world to give them advice on problems they are facing. What if that inner voice that’s telling you drinking all this Monster at night before your final is a bad idea is really Charles the cheetah who is sitting in a tiny cubicle with a headset on that doesn’t fit him well at all?


Yogi bear.

Snazzy dresser and always on the hunt for a pic-i-nic basket.


Definitely a gonk droid.


One of these guys.

They are gross.


So my brother took a picture of my patronus tonight and sent it to me.