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There was a really cute indie showcase earlier today! Did anyone else watch it (if not, it’s only 40 minutes!) and what were the games you were most interested in?

Little Witch in the Woods, Mondo Museum, Garden Story, Calico, and of course Ooblets were all highlights, but honestly so many of them looked good and I’m going to end up following like half of them on Twitter to see how they come along.


I watched it and there was for sure some stuff that caught my eye. Spiritfarer, Mondo Museum and When the Past was Around among them. I’m a sucker for life sims so Roots of Pacha seems cool, too. In particular though, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dépanneur Nocturne got released during the show. It’s pretty cool.

Wishlisted a ton of stuff, will try to remember the rest. Good show!

I’ve wanted a museum management game for the longest time now, so Mondo Museum was really exciting to see! Also really interested Spiritfarer and The Other Side and The Spirit and the Mouse

I was really impressed with the quality of the show, and just how many different types of games were presented. And I really like hearing the snippets from the devs for many of the games. The only real issue I had with the presentation was the music over the games montage being a bit too twee and repetitive for my liking, but that’s a non-issue honestly.

There was also a tweet that sort of helped me hone in on what they are trying to achieve with this, which I recommend reading (particularly the last paragraph):

Something I’d love to see come from this would be more presentations like this, with different curation. Just more opportunities for games that don’t traditionally get a spotlight or be seen as serious get a chance to be presented in a sorta official-feeling manner.