Who's going to GaymerX this weekend?


waves hi!

It’ll be my first time there, and I’ll have some friends there too, but just wondering what to expect.


I don’t know how to ask this question without sounding offensive, but I absolutely do not mean for it to be.

Are straight people welcome? I’ll be in NYC this weekend most likely (not 100% sure, depends on work), I’d love to find some new people to play board games with.


Hey, not a bad question at all. And the answer is, yes!

From the GX website: “GaymerX is a “queer space”, in that many of the panels revolve around queer issues or queer devs, but GaymerX and the GX events are made for everyone and everyone is welcome!



I will definitely try to make it, looking forward to this.


Hey, I’ll be there too! It’s my first time in NYC and I’m very excited. Everyone, come try and find me!

I’m a straight cis man and the GaymerX cons have been some of my favorite. The friendliest, most interesting people come from all over to attend, and the general atmosphere is really enjoyable. Plus, the organizing committee does the best they can to get a ton of unique voices from the industry to come speak on panels; you’ll be getting a whole different roster of people than you usually find at game events.

Disclaimer: I work for MidBoss, the game company founded by the creators of GaymerX :stuck_out_tongue:


IMO The entire universe should revolve around me so that GaymerX isn’t always on the same weekend as a different event I have to work at. This always seems like such a cool event compared to all of the other gaming cons/shows/whatever I burned out on years ago.


I chipped in with the first two kickstarter campaigns for GaymerX and am so happy to see that it’s still going. Really wish I didn’t live so far from where it has been and probably will be, though. Being in the South really distances you from cons.


I’ll be there (I’m a “boss of honor”) and giving a talk on Sunday at 12:30 as well as demoing Treachery in Beatdown City in the indie area!


I went to the first one in San Francisco, was a nice chill con with friendly people and fun panels. I’ve been predisposed for the weekend each time since, unfortunately, but I’d like to make it back.