Who's the biggest SNACK of 2018?

  • Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)
  • Dr. Jonathan Reid (Vampyr)
  • Kratos (God of War 2018)
  • Alexios (AC Odyssey)
  • Maxi (Soul Calibur 6)
  • Peter Parker (Spiderman)
  • Other (Please Specify)

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I like video games, generally, but I like boys all the time. Who were the best boys in video games this year? Which one would you take out on a nice date for coffee or snuggle with in front of a warm fire?

Personally, I’d go with Kratos. I just want to be held in his big powerful arms and help him chop wood and share comfortable silence. Hopefully I don’t also die and serve as his motivation for a game, I like living.

EDIT: as always folks, try not to make it TOO explicit. Try to keep it in the “PG” region.


No Quiet Man

Get out.


Remember, the year is not over.


If I wanted someone like the hush hush boy, I would have put in Connor


adaptations of video games count


Um, excuse me, this is my thread, so I’m the sheriff 'round here and I make the rules.

But fine, they count.


Wolf O’Donnell is in Starlink this year.
That’s a boy I can see having a rough and rugged exterior but warm arms for those he cares for.
I can agree with Kratos, his personality just kind of gets in the way, Connor and Markus are both pretty boys despite Detroit’s writing, and DBFZ has Vegito in it (though not base level black haired sadly).

Honestly though, games of 2018 haven’t seen that many candidates for me, 2017 was a better year for boys; with Kass, Link, and Sidon from Zelda, soft boy 9S and hunks Adam and Eve from Nier, Bowser getting a fine suit in Odyssey (Mario), and I liked what I saw from Bayak in Odyssey (Assassins Creed).


No kazuma kiryu no sale.


Arguably biggest snack in gaming.


Honestly, not even the best boy in Yakuza imo.


No King K Rool? Wheres my big boy love?



Yo, OP where are all the D A D D I E S?


I welcome all @s


Well, I didn’t want to put in more than one option for RDR2…


Who’s this Clint Eastwood lookin’ asshole and how can I spit on his boots?


That is Hosea Matthews and I’d shoot you if you tried.


Of the listed, I’d go with Pete. Feels like the kinda guy who learns from his mistakes, plus he’s intriguingly flexible. The cop thing is lamentable, but I think he’d be open to hearing why.

That said, my real pick is probably this fella.


I’m kind of ashamed because of how controversial he is, but…

I like Raz better.



the video-game peter parker is kind of blah actually but spider-man is a whole, thing, with me so, sure

edit: but mostly I agree with cyberspacecat, 2017>2018