Who's the biggest SNACK of 2018?


Arthur Morgan is the only one I’ve actually played as this year so I guess I’ll snack him. He’s kinda an asshole but I’m sure he would keep me safe.


Honestly before I found out about his shitlord conduct he was my bae too :c


Theo from Celeste is a charming young man and I think he would be very nice to hang out with. That qualifies as snack material to me.


I have to go with Wolf too cause man, this is quality:

Bi icon right here.

His fur looks so soft here, I wanna touch it…


It’s gritty

and before you say he’s not a video game character, we put him in soul calibur so he is now


Other (please specify)


There’s only ever been one choice


dio’s lookin good in this one


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