Why a Group of Ex-Telltale Developers Are Bringing Back Sam & Max

Sam & Max are back—again. Yes, there was a virtual reality game announced a few months back, but this latest announcement is likely to land a bit harder with fans. Several members of the original Sam & Max development team at Telltale Games have come together under a new roof to update, polish, and remaster the first season of Telltale's episodic series. 

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I love this series, glad it’s getting another go-around. Plus:

Consequently, this update is more than just tweaked visuals and lighting. There are fundamentally new music cues, different camera angles, and altered timing for jokes. They recast the voice actor for Bosco, because it was a black character voiced by a white actor, a creative decision that didn’t exactly sit right with the team when they decided to revisit it.

This gives me a lot of confidence.


I just replayed the first couple of episodes not too long ago, didn’t think they hold up all that well but I remember the season’s latter half being better anyway. Also the improvements they’re making here sound pretty good. Glad that Bosco’s been recast also.

The remaster’s official website also has sections for the second and third seasons that can’t be clicked yet, so looks like they’re making remasters of those too: https://skunkapegames.com/samandmax/

Will I be able to download a free copy by using the Steam browser protocol just like I did years ago for iirc “Abe Lincoln Must Die”?