Why Can’t Video Games Make My Life Easier and Put Everything on Switch?

This is a pipe dream, but as a parent, it would solve all sorts of problems.

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A little off topic, but was I the only one who misread the title of the article as “Why Can’t Video Games Make My Life Easier and Put Everything on a Sandwich?”


How about Vita remote play for PS3/PS4 games?

I may be a special case, as due to a newborn and life generally my gaming time has been limited these past two years, but I am swamped with games on the Switch. Currently have Zelda, MarioKart, Puyo Puyo, SnipperClips, I am Setsuna, Disgaea 5, Thumper and Minecraft all on the go to various extents and am seriously contemplating Blazing Star or Last Resort to scratch the shoot-em-up itch. I love them all in their own way. Oddly, now the Boy is here, I find myself with a bit more time in the evenings than before he arrived!

So yes, more games please but I actually have too many to play already.

ps - maybe try Snipperclips with her? My five month old is too young but have a year old nephew and he just had a controller and was rotating their heads round for ages giggling away.

Atlus are committed to bring games on the Switch but the 3DS still has a wealth of Atlus content that is still going to take me at least 2 more years to complete. I have yet to start SMT4:Apocalypse and I’m having so much fun with the great cyberpunk-y Soul Hackers. More than enough time for SMT5 to hit the Switch (and I wouldn’t be against a Nocturne remaster)

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I’m a parent of a two-year-old, and so now it’s a bit problematic even to be occupying myself with a screen while the tot plays nearby, but before he was mobile and talkative, the Vita was my best friend, both for native games and for Remote Play.

On one hand it surprising how having the option to playing big games on the go is great and what push the Switch. However, the Switch lacks the power Persona 5 needs to show what the game is made of. The best the Switch will get from Atlus is one that is built for it which is what the next SMT game will be.

I certainly wouldn’t be upset if there was a Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch port.

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I mean, Persona 5 was released on a PS3? I can’t imagine anything about Persona 5 that wouldn’t work on a machine that could handle Breath of the Wild.

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Too young for Snipperclips. I think she’d be more interested in eating the Joycon. :wink:

I hear you on the Switch having a bunch of games for a particular type of person! I’m glad you’re having such a good time.

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Understandable but if you look at how Atlus was designing P5 on PS3 and then PS4 they had to make a new engine after doing Catherine and, this is only a guess, got a push by Sony to move it to PS4. AAtlus is growing but their still pretty small which limits them.

I feel this way every day. I need all games to be on the Switch. I look at what’s coming out on Steam (roguelikes especially lately, though that’s not a requirement) and lament.

I’d kill for Persona 5. I’d actually play it, then. D:

Yes. But also no. Because I can’t buy a switch without marital problems.

I feel this way because it allows me to spend more time with my girlfriend. Instead of her writing or watching a movie in the bedroom while I play a game, we get to sit next to each other while she does her thing and I play zelda.

As someone who has a partner who likes to watch Netflix on the main TV and doesn’t particularly care for watching me play games, I second this. Having as much stuff as possible on the Switch would be so damn helpful.

I could not agree more with this… I look at every game coming out and I’m like, “yeah, cool, but like, what if it was on the Switch?” I want that option to play on the TV or on the handheld with every game I own. I wish it was powerful enough to handle that, but I guess that by definition is why it’s called a pipe dream.

I absolutely feel the same way. Not even due to any commitments, but I only have a PC. So having a Switch where I can relax on a couch or bed is much comfier. Plus it’s a lot easier to share with my girlfriend.

I’m planning to finally play Splatoon and Stardew Valley on Switch. I’d love Metroid Prime games to get ported, and any other classic Nintendo games I missed. Pretty much any indie game that I can get on Switch, I will.



Ha oh man I think about that a lot re: BATTLEGROUNDS.
I love the Switch and it’s portability and quality has meant more gaming than my free time normally allows for. Naturally, I want every and all games I am interested in to come to it.

I also feel like every Roguelike ever needs to be on the Switch. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Everspace on Xbox One, and Rogue Legacy would also be a natural fit. Being able to knock out a run or two over my lunch break would just be great.

I would love to see Witcher 3 on Switch. I don’t care if they have to downscale all the textures and kill the draw distance or whatever to make it work. Witcher 1 and 2 were great and I’m really looking forward to playing Witcher 3… notice how I said I’m “really looking forward to” a game that came out two years ago. I’m just really busy with a long commute and a lot of long distance travel, and between those two things it’s tough to sit down and play a long game. And everything I’ve heard about Witcher 3 tells me that it’s EXACTLY the kind of long game that would be in danger of getting 10-20 hours from me and then being neglected forever. Heck, most of the people who do this for a living that I follow (here and at Giant Bomb) didn’t finish it!

Being able to carry the Switch around the house with me and on flights would go a long way; that’s how I’ve actually managed to invest 120+ hours in Breath of the Wild. Even if you aren’t leaving the house, the portability and insanely fast sleep/wake up time on the Switch is a godsend.