Why Can’t We Have a New ‘Snatcher’ Is Today’s Open Thread


I can’t be alone in wondering: WTF, Konami? And what other wrongly forgotten games need a comeback?

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God, definitely agree on Snatcher, what a beautiful game.

For years I’ve hoped to see a modern release of those two Dreamcast oddities, Blue Stinger and Illbleed, though I suspect that might be a bit out of the question in Stinger’s case. Also, coming off the heels of the somewhat-recent PC remaster of Kenji Eno’s D, releases of Enemy Zero and D2 would be incredible…and of course, there’s Panzer Dragoon Saga… Sigh. So many incredible gems obscured by hardware/software availability…


I feel like there is more opportunity for this now than ever before in the history of games, and Waypoint and the rest of the modern games media is in a unique position to make it happen. Just look at what happened with Windjammers, where the Giant Bomb folks took hold of it and championed it as a great competitive game. I think there’s no coincidence that there are now Windjammers clones like Disc Jam coming out. If outlets like Waypoint and Giant Bomb and Polygon and Kotaku continue to shine a spotlight on some of these forgotten gems (or jams) I think we could see a lot of new versions of old games continue to come out.


Panzer Dragoon Saga is probably my favorite game of all time, and it kills me how almost nobody has played it, even now. The Saturn is full of great titles that never got ported and can’t really be played in emulation, but PDS is the one I’d love to see on new consoles the most.


Cool. Someone get me Konami on the phone and I’ll make Snatcher: Redux a reality.


Hey, spend your lunchbreak with this fan-translation of Suda 51’s official prequel radio drama, titled SDATCHER.


Snatcher is one of my all time favourite games and FOR YEARS I wanted a modern sequel visual novel more interested in a sci fi future investigation in human existence that wasn’t like the wrong side of anime…

Then Read Only Memories came out and was pretty much exactly what I wanted.


Love this game and hope more follow in its vein


Funnily enough I just made a post about this in the lost licenses thread. It’s a serious shame considering I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.


We can but Konami is never gonna be cool enough to do it.

I mean we totally can!!! We live in an age where I can get The Silver Case, NIGHT TRAP, 428, The Bunker, Tokyo Twilight, a ton of visual novels and stuff like that on the PS4, in the US. People would eat up a new Snatcher game.

For other forgotten stuff, like @OhPoorPup said, Sega was basically on fire in ways almost no other publisher ever has been right up until the end. And even with all those re-releases they have done there’s so many games of theirs from the late 90s that are truly awesome and unique but we haven’t seen since. :frowning:

I was coincidentally just talking about how lame it is that D2 never came out on anything else, but today’s market, like if 428 can get a US released port on the PS4 anything is possible. That would have never made it to the US years ago, but now Sony is way more open to providing some support for just about anything.

I hate how much FromSoftware stuff is totally forgotten now too (though some did get PS3 ports in Japan and a rare few in the US). Especially the Otogi games and Kuon, like why can’t we have a new Otogi or Kuon game. :frowning: I love the Souls games more than a lot of folks I know but I wish From would go back to that well once in a while.


RE: Snatcher
Konami doesn’t give a shit. We’re talking about a company that redid all of the Snake Eater cutscenes using the Fox Engine just to put them in a friggin Pachinko machine. Their interest in making video games is basically gone.

RE: Old games I’d like to see revived… this is hard one but one game just randomly popped into my head. Hexen/Heretic. The Doom clone with magic and spells instead of firearms and demons. Honestly the more I think about it the more I realize you have essentially prototypes of that style of game in stuff like… Ziggurat, and to a lesser extent Devil Daggers. But I can imagine a full on Doom (2016) style reboot with combat in the style of those two previous games. It’s a cool though. But I can also see it being a little tired because in the end, it’s just another FPS.


Playing through The Silver Case made it absolutely clear to me that Snatcher/Policenauts desperately need remasters. There are a bunch of older Japanese stuff that needs to be reworked and presented to a modern audience, I think.

This probably needs to happen before a full on sequel, I think. Regarding why we can’t have one… Probably the Konami limbo is the biggest reason. Especially it being an older Kojima thing. It’s the sad reality of business being in control of creative works.


The fact that Konami hasn’t made a Metal Gear AC!D gacha to cash in on MGS shows me that they’re perfectly happy with their current business model.


Maybe it’s just me but I felt that Gillian Seed’s was already finished with its ending. Then again maybe a different game set in that universe would be rather fun to play through.

In my heart of hearts, I’m still holding out for another Advanced Wars game…one can dream.


I’d love to see the Romancing SaGa/SaGa Frontier games on modern consoles. Also the Cosmic Fantasy series.


Not really after a sequel - but being able to play the English language game, properly, on a modern, would be sweet.


I’m fairly sure there’s some kind of great sin in the last 20 years that has to be repented for before Snatcher will be rereleased. Having Snatcher (or Policenauts, for that matter!) re-released would be really nice, especially if they put together the different versions to make the best product possible.

Alternatively, just give us the version of Snatcher with only the first two acts. That seems pretty modern Konami to me.


If the prospects of a Snatcher port is true, I think my first question would be “which one” ? Because some versions are REALLY not worth revisiting lol.

I’d also pay good money for a re-release of the excellent but painfully slow SD Snatcher, which has an even sicker soundtrack than the original game.


I think we’re all suckers for some good cyberpunk and this game was one of the best that should come out of the shadows it runs in…

Drinks Punch


If Policenauts ever gets a re-release I would want nothing less than the PC-98 version. The PS1/Saturn anime look version is excellent but PC-98 boasts one of the best pixel-art look around!


“I’m too old for this shit.”