Why can't I hold all these orbs? Slay the Spire thread

Slay the spire is an early access deckbuilding roguelike…wait stop where are you going it’s good I promise! You pick 1 of 3 characters and try to climb all 3 floors to the top of the spire, with monsters and traps keeping you from your goal. Austin wrote/streamed some of it a while back : https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/vbynmm/slay-the-spire-is-the-roguelike-card-game-i-never-knew-i-wanted

The characters

The Ironclad
“The remaining soldier of the Ironclads. Sold his soul to harness demonic energies.” - in game description
The ironclad is the first character you have available, most of his decks end up revolving around combos to either boost his strength very high and hit things very hard or make himself an impenetrable wall of block that body slams fools. His starting relic heals you for 6 after each fight, this is really good. Sometimes will dropkick you forever.

The Silent
“A deadly huntress from the foglands. Eradicates foes with daggers and poisons” - in game description
The silent is the second character and is very much the rogue to the ironclad’s fighter archetype. Most of her cards revolve around cycling through her deck/drawing and playing lots of low cost cards. Her starting relic draws 2 additional cards on the first turn of each combat. Sometimes turns you into a walking poison bomb.

The Defect
“A combat automaton which became self-aware. Ancient technology allows the manipulation of Orbs.” - in game description
ORBS. If the other 2 classes are the fighter and the rogue, the defect is undoubtedly the wizard of the 3. His cards grant him special orbs with passive bonuses that are consumed for powerful active effects as he channels more of them. His cards either focus on cycling through lots of orbs or recurring 0-cost cards many times over for big damage. Sometimes will lightning strike you and anything in the vicinity. RIP old boot sequence art


oh shit the third playable character is out?!? Time to boot it up again. (I love the Silent, hate the Ironclad.)


I have so many games that I should play, but I still find myself booting up StS more than anything else. Putting on a podcast/video in the background and chilling with my new best friend Defect (hardly touched the other two characters since it hit beta) is always a satisfying way to spend an hour or two.


I have 115 hours in the game now. And 70ish of them were before The Defect was added. It is serving beautifully for me as a palate cleanser and break game, as well as a podcast game or something to noodle at while watching a show that doesn’t require my full attention. I love the Defect most of all, though I find them the most uneven in terms of viability.

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I have 160 hours in the game now. The first 100 hours or so were just playing the silent and ironclad for fun and the 60 after that have been playing the defect and doing dailies. Its the easiest game for me to just pick up when i have nothing to do. Will probably play another hundred hours after it actually comes out :smiley:

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I personally find the defect slightly more reliably than ironclad and silent. You can throw out a bunch of damage with the starter deck compared to the other 2 with the orbs. I will say I sure notice when I’m not getting offered good defensive cards like glacier/reinforced body a lot more than I do on the other 2 though.

I have played (checks) 218 hours of slay the spire
that’s… not a small amount of time. (I work from home and sometimes don’t have much to do but a nice simple turn based thing I can quickly tab out of when I do need to do something is great)
I like all three, very much.
the defect is great, though I’ve basically settled into never using anything but lightning orbs now (frost is only good if you have a bunch of focus imo).
the silent rules - I basically always choose ‘swap your starting relic for a random boss relic’ which then determines how I play, I guess
the ironclad also rules. can’t quite get exhaust decks to work properly but Lots Of Strength is great fun.

maybe one day, we shall succeed, in slaying, the spire


folks i have some great news because i loaded up the beta branch today and they have finally put in an ENDLESS mode and it is EXACTLY what i have wanted

the screen shot below is the first floor of the third cycle

the first 3 modifiers i got at the beginning of the second cycle (time maze is basically the timekeeper’s passive but for 15 turns):

at the start of the third cycle the new modifier was the transformation of 5 random cards which seems pretty tame

Transform of 5 random cards seems tame because 50 cards is a huge deck. It’s to stop people running very lean infinite combo turn 1 decks I guess.

Yoooo there’s a new character! Mega Crit just released The Watcher into Slay the Spire’s beta branch yesterday and she’s been really fun so far.

The elevator pitch is currently a monk who shifts between different “stances” that can provide either more energy upon leaving it or another with double attack (and double received damage), and your playstyle hinges on managing these two modes around less frequent mechanics (e.g. an triple damage stance that requires build up, “scrying” – managing cards received from your draw pile, and cards with the “retained” modifier that naturally stay in your hand until used). What all this amounts to is a very gymnastic playstyle that requires you to constantly be planning for your next move and weighing risks in a way the other characters never quite needed – it’s great! I wasn’t sure how differently a new, official character could play without breaking the game/being noticeably idiosyncratic from the others, but Mega Crit have done a great job so far in making a fun and unique playstyle for the fourth time here.

If you want a little more detail, RPS also has a small write-up here.